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How To Reach Real Estate Clients as a New Agent

How To Reach Real Estate Clients as a New Agent

It can be difficult to establish yourself in any new career, and real estate is no exception. The business opportunities are there, you just have to find them. It takes a strategy to find real estate clients as a veteran or as a rookie, but your strategy may change over time as your business and reputation increase. Be patient, flexible, and tenacious; don’t give up until you find a strategy that works well for you.

  • Send Out Mailings

Start by getting in touch with friends, neighbors, former co-workers, and family via real estate postcard marketing or something even less formal, such as a text or email. Don’t be pushy, but let people in your social circle know that you are happy to help them sell or purchase a property. If they are not currently in the market, ask them to recommend you to people who are.

  • Create a Website

Many people searching for professional services, including those related to real estate transactions, turn to the internet for help. Building a website that provides helpful and timely information helps establish you in the mind of your intended audience as an authority in the field. Use keywords related to your target area to help your site rank high in search results. Create social media accounts for your business and connect them to your website.

  • Use Business Cards

Word-of-mouth and online marketing are powerful tools, networking with new contacts will result in the most steady business. Business cards are an effective and inexpensive way to connect with potential clients, but only if you are comfortable handing them out to strangers. There are many opportunities for you to do this as you go about your day. Have business cards at the ready to hand out when standing in line at the post office or grocery store. Be proactive and make it your goal to hand out five business cards per day.

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