How To Evaluate Product Owner Performance?

How To Evaluate Product Owner Performance

In the Scrum Team, the Product Owner plays an essential role in enhancing productivity and providing better results for a product. But the question is, how would you evaluate that the Product Owner is doing justice with the work assigned to them and as a team?

In this article, we’ll explain some of the ways to measure the performance of the Product Owner.

Product Owner-Under performing or Performing?

The Product Owner’s performance can also be evaluated based on the skills they gained during the Certified Scrum Master Product Owner Training and the power given to them.

  • The Product Owner is the individual that may not be involved in the daily business analyst tasks and teamwork. They rely on the supporting need, decision making, and expert analysts. Thus, the evaluation of their performance is relatively slower as compared to others.
  • The Product Owner may have extensive knowledge about the product, but they need support from others to make some valuable decision. Hence, the CSPO will always juggle to get the buy-in from the stakeholders and authorizations. This will hurt the overall process of evaluation too.
  • Another thing that may influence the performance of CSPO is their availability. If their availability is low in the team, then their performance can also be affected.

To evaluate their performance accurately, this is utmost important that the Product Owner must involve in the workplace actively and meet with the expectation of the business individuals.

Product Owner Performance – Qualitative Measures

The performance of the Product Owner is evaluated with their overall role in the team. So, their performance can also be assessed based on qualitative feedback. All you need to do is ask the others’ opinions about the Product owner who is working with them.

For instance, how actively the Product Owner is viewed during the project. Are they constantly involved in the activities or able to cite the problem in a particular area? Do they offer excellent information as they are holding the position in the production process? How many skills do they gain during the CSPO course in Chennai?

All these questions will help to evaluate the performance of the Product Owner effectively. Moreover, this provides you a 360-degree view of the Product Owner. This will also suggest to you how effectively the Product Owner is working.

In addition to this, you can also speak to other colleagues in the operation unit and customer services department, sales departments, and others to know whether they are working effectively or not.

Other key traits that help to evaluate the performance of the Product Owner are as follows;

  • Leadership
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Insight & Analytical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Customer Centricity
  • Punctuality
  • Attention to Detail
  • Clarity

Be sure that your analysis chart does not end at the organization chart of the company only. To evaluate the Product Owner’s performance, you also need to ask the strategies of customers and other vendors who are dealing with them. This will help to evaluate their performance in a better way. It is also helpful for you to know that the Product Owner is bringing value to your company or not. Moreover, it also helps to show professionalism and interaction with others.

Performance Measurement based on Quantitative Analyses

The Product Owner is usually driven up by the financial outcomes they offer to the company, adaptations, marketing process, and various other things. These things help to reduce the overall cost of the product formation and improve the revenues. However, all these things may hurt their performance. So, to measure their overall performance, one can also expect to check the all-embracing outcomes such as:

  • Competitive analysis updates and intelligence updates
  • Regular presentation, updating, and communication during the product roadmaps
  • Check the business plans updated and their way of presentation, which is based on the data.
  • You can conduct various surveys to check the validated assumptions.
  • Check the regular customer visits and SWOT analysis.

All these things will help evaluate the Product Owner performance thoroughly in both aspects qualitatively and quantitatively. These activities provide you sufficient proxy about the performance.

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