How To Clean Your Hat In The Washing Machine

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If you’ve got a hat that you love to wear often, then it’s a no-brainer that you will want to know of a way to keep it looking fresh and new all the time. After all, hats are fashion staples that are bound to get dirty over time. So it’s up to you to make sure that you maintain them well with a good thorough cleaning. However, before you think about simply tossing a hat into the washing machine, there are a few considerations you need to take into account.

Cotton Hats: If your hat is made out of cotton, then your hat should be able to withstand a washing cycle pretty well, without fear of it ripping apart or getting ruined. However, you also have to realize that cotton fabric is prone to shrinking. As a result, there is a chance that your hat may end up coming out slightly smaller. If you have a custom baseball hat that needs a wash, make sure that you examine it properly first. Does it come with a brim made of cardboard? If so, then you should avoid putting it into the machine, because such caps should not come into contact with water. However, most baseball caps tend to manufactured using plastic and other strong materials, so chances are that your cap should be washable.

Canvas Hats: Similar to cotton hats, these can be washed in the machine since it is a strong material that can handle all the jostling that your washing machine will put it through. Moreover, the benefit of canvas is that it is a very thick material, which means that it is a shrink-proof fabric.

Wool Hats: If you own a wool hat, eg. beanie, then you should know that these hats may lose their shape if thrown in the washing machine. When it comes to these hats it is best to either hand wash them or take them to the dry cleaners instead.

Synthetic Hats:  If you recently purchase hats that are made out of synthetic materials like polyester or mesh-like trucker hat wholesale, for example, then you can throw them into the washing machine without much concern. This is because they are durable materials that do not bleed colors easily.

Washing Machine Instructions

  1. Apply Stain Remover

The first step that you need to take is to apply a stain remover on your hat before putting it into the washing machine. This is important, especially if the hat in question is of a cotton-blend, which can often be a rather difficult material to get stains off. This will help lessen any stains, grime, and smudges that the washing machine may struggle to remove. You should also apply some of the remover on sweat stains within the crown of the hat. Once you are done, let the hat sit for a few hours to allow the solution to be absorbed into the fabric.

  1. Use a Mesh Bag

If the hat is made of delicate material, such as a knitted beanie, then you should put it into a mesh bag before throwing it in the washer. This will significantly help your hat maintain its shape and avoid the risk of it being mishandled in the washer. You can easily purchase one of these hats online or at a convenience store and they usually come with zippers or pull strings. However, try not to overstuff them with too many hats at once. After all, hats need some extra space to be properly cleaned.

  1. Wash Them With Other Clothes 

You should always sure that you place your hats in the washer when there is already a full load of clothing present. This is because if you wash some custom bucket hats in small loads, the excessive amount of jostling in the washing machine could make them come out all crumpled and matted up. However, you can prevent this by washing your hats together with the rest of your clothing. This will help mitigate the amount of room in the washer and act as a buffer, preventing them from being overly twisted or mishandled.

Additionally, you should make sure that the clothes you wash them with are of a similar color. If you don’t this could end up ruining your hats completely, especially if they are custom made using unique colors and patterns. For instance, if you wash a white hat with some pink or red clothes, then the hat will come out in a mix of different colors and dyes.

  1. Use the Right Detergent 

Much like any other form of clothing, you must use a mild washing detergent to avoid ruining your clothes. This is especially relevant if the hats and clothes you are washing are made of delicate materials. For instance, if your hats come in bright colors, you should double-check to ensure that the detergent does not contain bleach that could end up ruining them.

  1. Avoid Using Hot Water

You should avoid using hot water when washing your hats. This is because it tends to fade your colors and shrink materials. As such, make sure your washing machine is dialed to use cold water. Moreover, you should make sure that the washer is set to a gentle cycle. This ensures that your hat will not be mishandled too much during the washing process.

  1. Air Dry The Hat

Once you are finished washing the hat, avoid putting them in the dryer with the rest of your load. These dryers tend often come with excessive heat settings that can damage your hats by either shrinking them or misshaping them. As such, it’s always best to simply air dry them on a hanger outside. This is especially applicable if you won some baseball caps, bucket hats, trucker hats, or even some wholesale snapback hats.

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