How sales training and leadership performance training has transformed your company

How sales training and leadership performance training has transformed your company

You are the manager of a sports manufacturing business. It’s turning over a modest profit and all the staff including those in the sales department seem like a contented bunch and all seems well. However, your opinions were about to change after a round of golf with fellow bosses.

One is from a rival firm, but you get on fine. But you must admit to becoming inwardly annoyed when he told you the sales figures of his firm. This was no good at all and something had to be done about it. You decided to check out a list of local sales training companies to try and correct things.

  • Your sales team have got a little too comfortable in your surroundings without receiving enough of a push or challenge. It’s time for everyone to benefit from retraining by a company who specialise in sales and leadership performance.
  • There was a wide range of training programs to select from, including sales, negotiating, team management, customer care and mindset and motivation. All of your employees, yourself included could gain from all of these skills being taught and finely tuned. The courses were available online, which meant minimum disruption around them and allowed you to plan a schedule so as to manage your workforce.
  • The courses were varied to suit individual requirements, which you found most helpful as the parts of sales in sports equipment that are different to say selling cosmetics. You also took up a tip by looking into new marketing technology that you should have been using.
  • It was important to start with a clean slate and really understand sales techniques, as they could have advanced since the staff took up their positions. Structure is vital and you seemed to be lacking it in general plus you as a company seemed to have lost focus on what the modern sports person wanted, and instead stuck to your old ways.
  • Motivation was badly lacking when you sat down and had a team meeting, so new incentives were introduced which coincided with the training. You saw an immediate improvement in attitude and you felt reinvigorated like when you were initially appointed.
  • You noticed a general apathy towards customers once training commenced that had slipped by you. This was partly your problem as you were not offering all the available tools to your employees who seemed like a brand new collective once they opened became engaged, no doubt helped by enrolling yourself. Once trained there was a real engagement with those in the shop and to clients who suddenly increased their orders after being refranchised. You invited them for 18 holes at a top golf course to further build your relationship.
  • While things dramatically improved, it was important that everyone learned to deal with occasional disappointment and learn how to bounce back as soon as possible.

Enlisting the whole company in training to improve sales and leadership performance was a hole in one, as sales and morale continue to soar to the top of the leaderboard.

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