How is Node.JS Different from Other Frameworks?

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There are numerous frameworks and server-side frameworks in the world. With changing advancements in the technology sector, frameworks and server-side technologies are also facing fierce competition. The Node JS certification training is the leader in the race and winning the sector. You may ask why.

NodeJS is a single-threaded and asynchronous architecture. It is one of the unique features of the framework. The technology server reacts to the events and later sends those events as messages to the concerned database.

An asynchronous I/O and scale are used in the NodeJS framework. It is one of the most distinguishable features that make NodeJS stand apart from the rest.

The best features of NodeJS are as follows-

  • It uses I/O and scale in an asynchronous framework.
  • The code in NodeJS can allow so many assembled nodes or connecting points.
  • These concurrent connections are put in a single thread and are high throughout.

Using JavaScript

NodeJS uses JavaScript which helps it to win the race of frameworks and technologies.

What is JavaScript? The client’s side web application is defined by a programming language called JavaScript. It is operated on the client-side but when used towards the server-side as well, can help developers to maintain and produce better development. This development can be beneficial for the server as well as the client’s end.

Web developers are aware of JavaScript. It is one of the most common programming languages and makes the task for the developers easy. They can easily develop server-side code with a similar platform. It is regarded as the selling point of NodeJS web development.

Finding and fetching the perfect programming language for your next project requires a lot of work. You have to see what works the best for the project, how it will develop, and yield results. There is a comprehensive distinguishing chart of the programming languages and technology. People can search and change but cannot seem to stop!

Node is not something you can replace with. You cannot claim to change your technology to Node. It can only provide scalability, increased performance on the applications, and working of the applications to make them work perfectly. There are many types of applications that can be aided by the use of Nodes. These real-time tracking applications can show you the trading dashboards for live events, the live stats for various user apps, etc.

Just like NodeJS, there is another framework and server-side technology like Ruby on Rails. These both have the same level of advantages and benefits. Although with research and use, NodeJS is the leader in the race. You will learn necessary modules within a shorter period when compared to Ruby on Rails or RoR.

NodeJS will help you write about the server-side apps in JavaScript language. It is an application runtime environment. The RoR or the Ruby on Rails is in itself a programming framework. NodeJS is also opinionated and can write the codes. It acts as a feature that we can use. Ruby on Rails can give installation modules in itself though and can be a long certification course.

NodeJS add the advantages of the following together-

  • It speeds up the development of the processes.
  • It can string together many components at once.
  • It eases the process of the technicalities.
  • It also promotes flexibility and builds the whole app.
  • The learning curve is low for Node.js.
  • It has a great scope in career for front-end and back-end developers.
  • They can switch it with the developmental process.
  • The NodeJS use is less when compared to the other technologies.

NodeJS is a shining bright star in real-time web applications. It employs push technology over e sockets. It is a real-time, two-way connection that allows the clients and servers to interact and communicate.

They can freely exchange data with each other and are based on HTML, CSS, and JS. Many high-profile and well-based organizations and companies opt for NodeJS. They all use its unique features and benefits that can prove advantageous to the technical and web development plan of the website. It is a platform that fills a particular need and is not meant to dominate the web development world.

NPM or the Node Package Manager

NodeJS has an inbuilt supporting system that is called NPM or the node package manager. It is a default tool that comes with Node JS installation. It is a set of publicly available and reusable components. These are available through easy installation and work in the same respect as the Ruby Gems. The installation is done via an online repository. It has a version and dependency management. You can get the full list of packages on the NPM website. You can also access it with the NPM CLI tool. The tool automatically gets installed with NodeJS. You can get NPM modules like the express, hap, connect,, sockjs, pug or Jade, MongoDB, Mongojs, Redis, lodash, or the underscore js, forever, bluebird, and moment. There are many other useful packages out there.

CHAT for NodeJS

The chat application is the easiest and real-time application. It is also a multi-user application that runs through many proprietary and open protocols. It runs on non-standard ports. The NodeJS is lightweight, high-traffic, and data-intensive for the chat application. It also operates under basic principles. It reacts to events and handles many concurrent connections. It also maintains fluidity in the user experience.

To Sum Up

A lightweight and efficient framework that can develop your web and add an advantage to the programming is all that NodeJS is about. It is perfect for data-intensive and real-time applications. All those that are running across distributed devices are handled by NodeJS. Get KnowledgeHut Node JS certification now. NodeJS uses a different type of style and programming.

All the complex applications can be handled with the help of NodeJS. It is stable and is deployed in complex settings. With the increasing popularity and demand for NodeJS, the node js certification training course is also in high demand. Best of luck!! 

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