How Important are NCERT Books for Class 8 Students?


NCERT Books are considered an essential book among students as they believe these books as the first step out of many to succeed in the board examinations. Class 8 includes significant subjects like Maths, Science, Geography, History, etc. among which English is also one of the important subjects where one can increase their overall percentage by scoring high marks. However, students are often confused about selecting the right study material. To overcome this problem of students, we bring here the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English for students to secure good marks in the main exam.

Teachers always advise students to study from NCERT Books as this the most preferred book by the central board itself. CBSE usually recommends students to study from NCERT Textbooks, and these are considered to be the most trustworthy study material for students. CBSE curriculum is purely based on the content that NCERT books provide, and most of the exam papers are prepared from this syllabus as per the CBSE board. These books set the academic standard of Class 8 of the CBSE board. The solutions in these books are created by the experienced faculty team in a lucid and understanding manner for students to grasp the concepts quickly. Studying from these books will help students in building strong fundamentals and develop their interest in the English language.

Here are a few tips about how NCERT books are useful:

  • The NCERT books for Class 8 are developed by expertise, who have done extensive research on the topics and provide a more natural way to understand the fundamental concepts.
  • CBSE board prefers NCERT books as the questions in the main exam are usually asked from these books.
  • Complex concepts are explained through diagrammatic representations to help students understand and grasp the concepts quickly.
  • These books also assist students in preparing for different competitive and entrance exams which help in gaining more knowledge.
  • Students can plan and study accordingly with the help of these books and can also assess their knowledge gap.
  • Important topics from these books can be remembered easily, which help them during revision time.
  • Students can study and practice a large variety of questions that are given at the end of each chapter in the NCERT textbook, which helps them in better understanding of the concepts.

Both students and the competitive exam aspirants can rely on these NCERT books as these are student-friendly. The solution module provides useful tips and practical examples to explain all the exercise questions in a simple and easily understandable language for students to grasp the concepts easily. The solutions are designed in a very lucid manner in order to help students answer questions in the most efficient possible ways. NCERT Solutions book is the best book for any student to prepare for their board exams. Students are advised to study from these books as thoroughly as possible and jot down essential concepts in each chapter. Using these solutions books, students can write their exams most confidently without any fear.

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