How do I choose a bathroom faucet?

How do I choose a bathroom faucet

The bathroom is one of the most used and significant places within a home. Therefore, the choice of taps for the bathroom is a transcendental detail. It can modify the space and complex because it has to combine style and functionality.

Bathroom taps include bathtubs, showers, sinks, or bidets, so there is a wide variety of options. That is why we show below the details to consider to make the right choice for your comfort, sustainability, and even cleanliness.

The space available

The first thing to consider when selecting the right faucet is the basin’s size, where it will place, and the number of holes it has. Likewise, the usefulness, opening comfort, and water-saving capacity it offers must consider.

Taps, according to their height, can be classified as follows:

  • Low spout: This type of faucet is ideal if the sink integrates. It should note that this type of tap is the right choice for small bathrooms and is the most suitable if your bathroom has small basins and shallow.
  • High spout: It recommends if you have wide spaces and the possibility of placing them on the top of the bathroom furniture. If your bathroom has a washbasin on top, this means you need high spout faucets, but don’t worry; a gooseneck faucet, for example, can be the ideal one.
  • Built-in: These are the faucets that embedded in the wall, also known as wall-mounted faucets. They are the option to choose if the water outlets in your bathroom are on the wall. Additionally, they offer the benefit of reducing counter space and provide a more modern style.

The right style for your faucet

The biggest question that arises when choosing a faucet is what the right style is? We must consider an excellent variety of sorts when it comes to taps. These can be classic, modern, minimalist, large, small or chrome, highend faucets, black bathroom faucets, gold, among many other options.

However, the answer to that question is that there is no single correct style. The faucet you choose should be in tune with the furniture and accessories in your bathroom. You should select the tap that fits your needs and the space available.

The taps with single-lever design

There are different types of bathroom taps. For some years has been a faucet that predominates in the market, and they are the faucets of monoblock designs. They are becoming more and more frequent, and this is due to their modern design, which makes them practical and very easy to use.

This tap design offers the most comfortable type of opening; therefore,it allows the opening and closing to do quickly, employing a single control. This available control is the one that opens and closes the water flow. Additionally, the water temperature can regulate by this single control, and water flow can handle.

That is why it has become the most popular since it regulates the amount of water, prevents the waste of the vital liquid, regulates its temperature, does not take up so much space, and has a beautiful shape visually. The choice of black bathroom faucets with a single lever design, for example, gives an elegant and formal style.

The taps of bimando designs and other options

As well as the single-lever design has its advantages, we can also find taps of two-lever system or also known as thermostatic taps, on the market. This option is also modern and very efficient.

This type of faucet design is composed, as its name suggests, of two controls. With one command, the water flow can regulate, while the second control can hold the water temperature. This design is also widely used for its visual appeal and the variety it offers.

The taps with a two-handle design are, for example, the extendable taps, bathroom faucet with sprayer, or folding faucets, whose faucet is gathered or has a hose-type design. These are usually very comfortable because their users are not limited to the sink but used in the spaces around the sink.

Taps for your shower

The shower faucet is one of the most important when choosing the tap for the bathroom. Comfort should be taken into account mainly since it is the main factor for a shower; remember that nothing calms more than a good shower at the end of a busy day.

The design must also be taken into account because the faucet that will attract the most attention when entering the bathroom is undoubtedly the shower due to its size and shape. These can be single or double-handle, and if you want a more modern design that is not so expensive, you can try the shower columns.

Which one do you take?

Considering the above information, you can already choose which is the faucet you want to remodel your bathroom. According to your needs, the space you have, or the design you want to install, remember that there is no right choice.

The right decision is the one that gives you the most comfort and benefits beyond taking into account whether it is the most modern of the most popular. Keep the one that allows you to create a place that fits your taste and lifestyle, remember that no one will spend more time in your bathroom than you.

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