How Can You Help Others With Your Anonymous Words?


Most of us grew up hearing that, “Words are more powerful than swords.” It’s a beautiful saying, but unfortunately, we’ve forgotten the actual meaning. In its letter and spirit, it means that you can help so many people around you only with the power of your pen. History is filled with people who changed the entire course of the world just with a pen and paper. 

Now, it’s your time to write the history and realize the power of the words. The best part is that now you don’t have to reveal your identity to spread your story or message to the world. The Doe allows you to do it anonymously. 

Here is how you can use the power of anonymity and help others:

Be the Voice of Others 

Not everyone has the gift of writing. Some of those who have it are not confident enough or afraid to tell their story to the world. You can become the voice of these people and help them get out of their shell. It is a very noble thing to do, and if you can help someone, you should pick your pen and get working. You should not think twice before something greater than you. Especially not when you can do it anonymously. 

Highlight the Neglected Issues 

It’s greatly fulfilling to see that people all around the world are bravely talking about social evils. However, still, there are some issues that need greater attention. If you are waiting for someone else to come up front and talk about the bullied kid at the school, then you are equally responsible for the trauma that kid has to face. 

Understandably, you may not be comfortable in revealing your identity to do something good. The good news is that you can grab the hand of someone’s abuser by using an anonymous platform.

Share Your Experiences 

While you are determined to be the voice of others, you should not forget your own. If you think that your experiences can help others too, then you shouldn’t hold back in sharing them with the rest of the world.  You never know how many people are out there who can relate to your story and how your story can help them to get over their own traumas. Being anonymous can save from any kind of trouble that may come your way once you reveal your story.

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