How Are University Pathway Program Helpful For International Students?


The idea of going abroad and pursuing higher education in a new land can be an exciting experience. It can also be an extremely daunting one as you are exposed to a new way of education altogether. In such a scenario, pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree program is by no means easy.

To curb this issue, there are preparatory courses in place that are made specifically to help international students. These courses aim at providing these candidates with the necessary knowledge and qualification that would make them applicable for a bachelor’s or master’s degree program.

The time period for the pathway program is one academic year. In that time, students can get a first-hand experience of the academic curriculum and overall ambience of the new place. They are also introduced to the new methodology of learning. Here is how you can efficiently fast track your skills with university pathway program.

  • Help in shaping necessary language skills 

Having appropriate language skills is highly important for international students. Those planning to study in countries like the U.K, the U.S.A, Canada or more need to be proficient in the English language. To determine their calibre, they are asked to sit for a test like IELTS or TOEFL. Though, while studying a pathway program, you can choose to study in a foreign country and simultaneously prepare your English skills. So, if your language skills need a lot of work then pathway programs are ideal for you.

  • Moulds international students

Suddenly adapting to a whole new place, culture, people and educational institute is not easy for foreign students. Pathway course addresses the needs of all students equally and helps them overcome all obstacles. The faculty is highly experienced and use highly visual and interactive lessons to impart learning. The time period of the program gives ample amount of time for students to acquaint themselves with the new place.

  • Gives one time to choose major 

Many international students are keen to study in a specific country and university but are unsure about taking the right course. Many doing post-graduate are also often confused about giving their career the right direction. Pathway programs offer such students the chance to take an extra year in which they can learn and make considerate decisions.

  • Get accustomed to university-style teaching 

There is a wide difference between the way learning is imparted in high school and university. Also, each country has its own approach to academics. During pathway programs, you get the advantage to experience university-style of teaching through lectures, seminars and more. It helps one imbibe all the necessary study skills that would be useful during a graduate or undergraduate programme.

Lastly, equipped with all the knowledge and skills, international students would stand a better chance of getting admission at the right university. It would also boost their confidence as they will be able to speak fluently and would have adjusted to the new place.

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