Google Smart Devices Ideal for Domestic Use

Google Smart Devices Ideal for Domestic Use

Google has been the favorite search engine worldwide, bringing you knowledge from everywhere and about practically anything. Over the years Google has diversified into producing its own software, programs and very recently has delved into the world of smart devices.

Google’s smart devices are affordable and quite brilliant. They are the ideal smart devices for domestic use, which makes them perfect for our homes. They are set up and controlled using the Google Home app and connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network. These devices are also easily compatible with other smart devices and Voice Assistants as well.

Here are 6 of Google’s Smart Devices that would be a great addition to any household.

  1. Google Nest Cam

Retail Price $129.99

Watch over your home while you’re away. With the Google Nest Cam you can have access to your home and your loved ones with ease. The Nest Cam’s sport HD quality video, including night vision, and the video feed is accessible from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, through the Google Home app. It also features two-way audio that makes communication easier with people from both ends of the camera.

Get real-time alerts on your device when you’re away, and with a subscription to Google Nest Aware save the live feed recordings onto cloud storage and enjoy plenty of more features including the likes of facial recognition.

  1. Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

Retail Price $49

Get a Smart Speaker for your home, you’ll thank us! Whether or not you have other smart devices in your home, smart speakers are basically just virtual assistants – and obviously, allow you to control other smart devices with voice commands.

The Nest Mini can play music from your Spotify playlists and YouTube. Check for recipes, weather forecasts, traffic situations on your morning route to work, or almost anything with a simple voice command. All you have to do is say “Hey Google”. It also allows you to set schedules or reminders for yourself, and set schedules for other smart devices too for instance smart lights or the smart thermostat.

  1. Google Nest Hub Gen 2 Digital Assistant

Retail Price $99.99

The Google Nest Hub resembles a tablet, like the iPad or Galaxy Tab – except it’s much smaller and features the Google Assistant as well, but with the Google Nest Hub output jack is not built-in like they have in other tablets. It works similar to the Nest Mini Smart Speaker, allowing you to control other smart devices, set schedules and reminders for yourself, with the additional benefit of watching Netflix and listening to music off of YouTube.

  1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Retail Price $249

This is the Smart Thermostat that should be on top of the list if you plan on getting one. The Nest Learning Thermostat saves energy and cuts down on the billing over time. Control it through the Google Home app – set schedules, switch it on and off when you’re not home or even if you’re in another city. There are so many useful features that come with the Nest Learning thermostat.

The greatest feature is that this device literally learns your preferred temperatures and automatically adjusts itself to make your home more comfortable. Other than that it also automatically adjusts itself or shuts off if it doesn’t detect anybody at home.

  1. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

Retail Price $169

The Nest Wi-Fi router is a smart router that is the solution to all things related to internet connectivity. Providing coverage to an area of 2200 square feet, the Nest Router blankets the area fully, with complete connectivity in all corners.

Setting up the Nest Router is quite easy – plug the device into an outlet and configure the device with the Google Home app. The app also allows you to set parental restrictions to specific content, and selective devices, giving parents an upper hand in managing their kids’ screen time.

If the Nest Router is paired with the Google Nest Point, users enjoy internet coverage to a total area of 3800 square feet and can handle up to 200 devices. The Nest point also serves as a smart speaker so it’s a double win.

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