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A microwave oven is one of the appliances that required daily in the houses of a busy life-style. As all electronic devices, sometimes, it also gets some troubles. Thus, you need to call a brand for repair services.

Yes, you can call the customer support of the company whose product you are using. You choose a time slot and have hassle-free services.

Before you call the repair person or choose a repair service provider, you must understand whether there is a need to call a repair person or not. Because it may be your microwave has some small issues that you can fix and can get your microwave working immediately.

What are some common microwave repair issues?

As we know microwave ovens make hot food quickly, it uses energy and generates heat that makes food hot. They are extremely efficient while they use the energy, they use microwave radiation energy that excites the water and the fat sugar molecules in the motion, which is also known as, heat. When this process is broken or disturbed, that is the time your microwave needs repair or help.

When the microwaves are not working anymore, you can call the microwave repair technicians. This is because they will check whether the microwave is plugged-in properly or the door is properly closed. Mostly, the fuse is blown and that might be causing the problems. Hence, you may have either a faulty door switch or the faulty door but the technicians can fix this.

Learn the common signs of the breakdown so that you can fix them immediately without any help or support.

  • Sparks appear inside the microwave

When there is a phenomenon called arcing, the sparks occur. You need to put the utensils or foil in the microwave and if the food splatters are igniting and the high-voltage diode is shorting out, then the sparks fly. This causes the stirred to be defective. Do not worry; the technicians can fix these too. Thus, your microwave gets work again after repair.

  • When the turntable does not rotate

If your turntable is not rotating, it might be because the carousel needs to re-aligned on the turning mechanism. In this case, the main issue is that a worn-out split drives bushing. There maybe one more reason before of that turntable does not rotate that is tray motor to be defective. The only way to set the things out and solve the issue of your microwave turntable is to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.

  • When the microwave doesn’t heat food

The microwave is not heating the food, is one of the most commonly found issue. It turns out that you hear a very high buzzing noise and you just want to get the microwave back to action. This happens when the microwave is defective or the capacitor or the diode is damaged. It is best that you either get it replaced or repaired by the professionals. Remember, you have to call only microwave repair professionals or branded companies to replace them. Because, if the low-quality capacitor or diode placed or it placed wrongly then it can create trouble again.

  • Touchpad is not working

The whole microwave seems to be found but the touchpad stops working. This may be due to water or insects, because of that it getting difficult for you to set up your food. Hence, you need to either repair or replace the touchpad too so that you can use the appliance without any hassles.

Types of Microwaves

Different types of microwaves have different types of functions of parts, so that you need to understand what are the types of microwaves. Here are some of those:

Drawer style: This installed below a wall of the oven and they slide out. They are convenient to use and they can be operated easily by any of the family members.

Counter top: This takes up counter space and does not offer any sort of ventilation system. This is the most popular kind of microwave over.

Over the range: These are those kinds of microwaves that combine the microwave oven and range hood for space saving and functionality.

Built-in: Sometimes, there are a few microwaves that are built-in the kitchen seamlessly and they feature with a drop-down door. These installed over the stoves.

What are some common microwave brands we can ask the repair technicians to repair?

They repair all kinds of microwaves from different companies such as GE, Samsung, Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, Maytag, etc.


Thus, there are the common problems that you can identify so that you can call a microwave repair technician and fix it. You can get the lights, fuses, switches, fan motors, tray motors, drive bushings, belts, diodes, and magnetrons to be replaced.

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