FIFA World Cup 2022: Betting Types, Favorites, and Other Tips

FIFA World Cup 2022: Betting Types, Favorites, and Other Tips

Following the results of five action-packed days at the world’s FIFA World Cup 2022 event, we have already seen plenty of fireworks and lots of drama in Qatar’s opening matches. But taking a look back typically allows us to look to and predict the future outcomes. Therefore, knowing different betting types and tips could give you a strong chance of winning your soccer wagers.

In this article, we will take a look at different markets available for the major footy tournament. We will also look to the future and assess England’s chances, one of the strongest contenders, to win in Qatar. While we are there, we will also look at the best betting tips for the WC 2022 and betting in general. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the topic.

Different Ways to Wager on the WC 2022

Two things that matter most in betting are to know who you should be wagering on and how to do it wisely. This section will show you the main markets and ways to wager on the 2022 World Cup contest.

Game winner: The most popular and simplest betting type. For example, placing Wales to beat Germany.

Outright bets: You can wager on the outcome of an entire tournament, such as Brazil to win the World Cup. Look for “Outrights” or “Futures” if you are interested in this type of betting. There are some bookies, like GG Bet, that feature long-term betting in a separate section.

Stage of elimination/advancement: This betting type is similar to long-term betting and allows you to predict how far a team gets in the championship. You can wager on which giants get knocked out in the opening matches, or whether England reaches the Quarterfinals of the World Cup, whether the team can get past the Semifinals, as just some examples.

Match-oriented wagers: You may place wagers on outcomes like which squad gets the most corners, who will score the first goal, what the score will be in the first half of the match, and so on.

Prop bets: You can choose to wager on players as well. This type doesn’t affect the match’s final outcomes and could be something like whether Alisson Becker wins the award for the best goalkeeper.

Tips for Betting on the Football Championship

Follow these things below to enhance your chances of winning soccer wagers and improve the overall betting experience.

Stake the Affordable Amount Only

Bankroll management will help you to gamble responsibly. Remember that drama happens sometimes but what really matters is your reaction to it. So, set yourself an affordable unit amount, typically 1% or 2% of your overall budget, and stick to it.

Experiment with Betting Markets

If you are at the beginning of your betting journey, it is usually recommended to wager on simple types, such as a match winner or total. However, don’t fall into the trap of only choosing these outcomes. Try to use different pre-match and in-play markets to find extra value with your wagers.

Do your Research

Pay close attention to each squad and player’s past performance in World Cup events to see how they perform in large competitions. For instance, if Harry Kane has been voted to be one of the Golden Boot winners before, he should be able to score a few more goals this time.

England’s Chances to Win the Tournament

England is among the World Cup favorites, and Gareth Southgate’s team has all the chances to win in Qatar 2022 after a resounding 6-2 result over Iran in their opening matchup.

Without any doubt, Southgate has a strong mixture of talent at his disposal, including attacking players such as Bukayo Saka, Raheem Sterling, and Harry Kane. And here is their potential path to glory.

Who are their Group Stage Rivals?

The Three Lions began their path with a 6-2 victory against Iran on Nov. 21. However, in their second game against the USA, they finished with a 0-0 draw.

On Nov. 29, Gareth Southgate’s team will conclude the group stage with a first-ever “Battle of Britain” against Wales. They have never previously faced Gareth Bale’s team at the World Cup.

Who could They Face in the Round-of-16?

If England is the winner of Group B, their Round-of-16 tie will take place on Dec. 4th. They would face the runners-up of Group A, which is made up of the Netherlands, Ecuador, Qatar, and Senegal. If The Three Lions progress as runners-up of the group, they will be paired with the winner of Group A, at the Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan on Dec. 3rd.

Who could They Face in the Quarterfinal?

If England is to top the group and overcome their Round-of-16 rivals, then chances are that they will come up against current world champions France in the Quarterfinal. As Group B runners-up and Round-of-16 winners, the team would continue their journey to the final and could face Denmark or Argentina in the Quarterfinals.

Who could They Face in the Semifinal?

If England is the winner of Group B and overcomes their first two rivals in the knockout stage, chances are that they will be paired with Spain in the Semifinal of the tournament. However, if they are runners-up in the group stage, chances are they will go head to head against Brazil, the favorites to win the entire competition.

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