What Does the Activity Feature of Instagram Insights Teach You?

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As a business owner, are you aware of how effective your Instagram marketing efforts are? Do you know how it interacts with your business’s overall efforts in marketing?

Moreover, are you aware of how many people clicked on your Instagram profile to connect to your business site or how many people have sent you a message to get more information about your products?

In case you are not aware of the answers to the above questions, it is high time that you should know them, the best part is in order to find answers to the above questions, you do not have to spend a lot of money at all!

Know more about Instagram Analytics?

The above information is given to you by a unique analytic program called Instagram Insights. Though it is not as advanced as Facebook Insights, you still can learn a lot from it.

Experts in Instagram marketing say that business owners should check this platform and find out more about their businesses to improve marketing efforts. Instagram Insights can be used for making changes to the marketing campaigns and posts you upload. This, in turn, will help you connect with more followers and get real Instagram likes for your business profile. Now before getting started, you need to answer the following basic question-

Do all profiles have Instagram Insights?

Note that Instagram Insights are available to business profiles only. You can change any Instagram profile into a unique business profile and get access to Instagram Insights soon.

Where do you find Instagram Insights?

When you go to the home page of your business Instagram profile, you will find the symbol of a black graph located on the top right-hand corner of the page. You need to click on that graph, and you will be taken to the Instagram Insights feature.

What does Instagram Insights teach you?

You will find that Instagram Insights has three features- Audience, Activity, and Content. You need to understand them clearly to bring in improvements to your business and grab a competitive edge in the market.

The Activity feature of Instagram Insights gives you information on how your posts on the profile are performing. You will understand as to whether they are actually giving you the desired customer actions you desire. From the activity, you will learn-

  • The number of profile visits made in the last seven days.
  • The number of taps on posts and your business profile received in the last seven days.
  • The number of clicks on your website users has made from your Instagram profile.
  • The number of phone calls or get directions users have placed on your Instagram profile.

You can get an insight into the data of the present period and compare the performance of your posts in the last recent weeks with success.

With the Activity feature of Instagram Insights, you will also get an idea of when most interactions take place so that you get an insight into the peak time when you should post your content. For instance, if you had no posts on Wednesday and received the least number of user interactions, this is a signal for you to post daily.

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