Face Lift Surgery in Turkey

Face Lift Surgery in Turkey
  • Introduction

Majority of the people, especially in the metropolis, crave to attain physical features that fit standard definitions of attractiveness. Owing to the wish of embracing the refreshing look of the youth, plastic surgery has gained a wide-spread platform in the recent decade. Where achieving the desired body shape and feature is possible for almost anyone, some of the procedures are more preferred by people in general than others. Thus, among the narrowed down popular plastic surgery procedures, facelift surgery is counted among the top favorite of the enthusiasts. The surgery is performed in millions in countries like Korea, the USA, Turkey, etc., where both the native citizens as well as medical tourists seek world-class treatments. Like the major countries in the world, facelift surgery in Turkey has been rated among the best due to several factors. Turkey is home to some of the most successful hospitals and plastic surgery clinics. Besides, the notable world-renowned doctors and surgeons performing surgeries are graced with much- deserved appreciation, which is why the country has successfully earned the trust of thousands of medical tourists who fly to the country every year.

  • About Procedure

Also known as rhytidectomy, a facelift surgery is a youth rejuvenation surgical procedure which is implemented by people from all corners of the world. With the rising craze in attaining youth, people resort to the easy solution and undergo rhytidectomy or facelift surgery. By the procedure, the candidate can be given a more vibrant and young appearance as it helps in removing the wrinkles and fine lines which can not be easily gotten rid of. Besides, surgeons can also carve out the excess fat and thus remove sagginess from the facial muscles thereby giving a more tightened appearance. A slimmer and desired facial appearance can be obtained by the procedure, which when coupled with the other cosmetic procedures (if necessary) can lead to an elongated youthful appearance altogether.

  • Details About Cost

Facelift surgery is performed in various corners of the world. Where the basic procedure remains the same, there are several factors which affect the cost of the surgery. In general, the cost of facelift surgery may vary from $3500 to $12,650. Such a variation is caused due its dependence on several factors ranging from the country where the procedure is availed in, to the extent of procedure that needs to be implemented on the candidate. Facelift surgery is offered in an affordable package in countries like India, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey whereas the same procedure is estimated to be more expensive in the United States of America, the United Kingdoms, etc. Like most of the aforementioned countries, Turkey receives thousands of candidates seeking the best plastic surgical procedure. One of the many reasons for this is that Turkey has maintained a record of satisfactory services. The candidates availing cosmetic surgeries from the country have left satisfied and have thus preached the good words. Apart from this, Turkey is also praised for the implementation of cutting-edge technology which keeps it at par with the advancements in the medical field. The clinics are also known to include robotic surgical benefits which ensures better accuracy and thus higher success rate. The benefits are however offered in a very nominal fare which is counted among the lowest on a global scale. Hence, the cost of facelift surgery in Turkey is known to range from $3600 to approximately $5700.

  • Telemedicine as a Service

Though the facility of availing telemedicine services were available for nearly a decade, it has explicitly proven to be beneficial in recent times after travelling has become restricted due to the pandemic. Embracing the new normal, the clinics and the hospitals have enlisted the doctors and the surgeons for online consultation making medicine and medical benefits available at the fingertips. The doctors offering telemedicine services are well-versed with the mode of consultation and thus the comfort of the candidate is not compromised. The condition and the requirement of the candidate is duly studied and the surgeon prescribes necessary medications. Tentative dates for surgical procedures are suggested by the surgeons until which effective treatments are suggested. The process of availing telemedicine services are extremely hassle-free and are duly assisted by the administration as per the need and demand of the candidate.

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