Easy Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Safe

Easy Ways to Keep Your Mobile Data Safe

Mobile phones are both a blessing and a curse. Disagree with me all that you want. I won’t change a thing about my statement. Here’s why.

Where these handy devices allow us to make calls, surf the Internet, and capture high-quality pictures. On the other hand, hackers can get access to our very private information. There was also a time when mobile data and call packages were expensive. Now bundles like Spectrum mobile package and the like have made it easy.

However, this does not imply that your mobile phones are a safe place to keep your information unless you take the following steps:

Usage of Password/Biometrics

When I say the password, it automatically means a strong one. You should always try to come up with something unique. And remember the higher the difficulty level, the less the chances of hackers or anyone sneaking into your device. Your password should not be alphabets or numbers that are too predictable. For example, your date of birth or your mother’s name.

Here’s another tip. Even if you come up with a unique combination of alphabets and numbers, make use of punctuation marks and the like as well. This brings me to another tip. DO NOT make use of the ‘remember me feature’ when using various apps. The complexity of your password might trigger you to do so. But you have to refrain.

Also, try changing your password every three months. That’s it about the passwords. Many smartphones now allow you to have a biometric verification. I would suggest making good use of that.

Ensure the Security of Public Wi-Fi

If you do not have mobile data enabled or do not want to use yours, you might resort to public Wi-Fi. In fact, you definitely will. However, you should ensure that public Wi-Fi is protected enough to not cause any virus attacking your mobile. Won’t deny but everyone loves free Wi-Fi. So chances are that even if you have enough mobile data, you will use the free option.

Trouble comes when these Wi-Fi connections are not encrypted. Just to let you know, many of them aren’t. The absence of encryption makes it easy for hackers to eavesdrop on network traffic. After getting access, these malicious people can get all your details. This includes your username, password, and a lot more information.

In order to protect yourself against Wi-Fi hacking, install apps that secure your connection. And if not that, they at least tell you the status of the connection you are planning to use. If you are smart, you won’t connect to a connection that the app detects as unprotected.

Install Antivirus App

Just like you do for your laptops/desktops, install an antivirus app for your mobile as well. If you think that it is not necessary, reconsider. Think of all the apps and files that you download on your mobile. Did you ever put thought into the possibility of any of them being packed with malicious code? It won’tam use me if you say no. Because many of us don’t. But I do not expect you to have the same approach after reading this blog.

In fact, install an antivirus app NOW. The app will help ensure that you do not cause any harm to your mobile device. Some apps even offer you features including the deletion of data in case you lose your mobile. Apart from that, you can even track or block unknown callers by installing some antivirus apps.

Always read the features that an app includes. And make the decision accordingly.

Update to Latest Software

Not only is your device as a threat but its firmware as well. To protect yourself against that, you should always update to the latest software. These updates get introduced by prominent companies like Apple and Google from time to time. You should be efficient enough to not defer the task of updating to a later date. Do it as soon as you receive the notification. It will be in your best interest.

Apart from that, you should also consider opting for a company whose mobile Internet includes security features as well. Having subscribed to Spectrum Internet plans, I can swearby the company’s amazing Internet protection.

Other than all these tips, you should also avoid using the autofill option. And make it a habit to log out of the mobile applications every time you use them. I am sure that you won’t ever suffer a loss if you follow these practices.

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