Easy Kitchen Organising Tips

Easy Kitchen Organising Tips

Kitchens are the heart of a home. One of the key aspects to having a picture-perfect kitchen is the organisation. However small or big, kitchens seem to get chaotic and difficult to manage. Organising a kitchen not only helps in finding the required items but also, makes the kitchen look neat. Here are some tips and tricks on how you could organise your kitchen better-

Stackable Shelves / Shelf Risers: These are add-on shelves that can be placed inside a shelf. These will give you additional surface in the given space to organise your things. These are available in the market in various materials and finishes.

Compartmenting Kitchen Tools in Drawers: Small tools and cutlery create ruckus is drawers and small organising spaces. Adding compartments to these drawers helps in sorting these out.

Magnetic Knife Bar: Knives cannot be lying around. Putting them in a holder occupies space and does not look neat. A magnetic bar stuck on the wall could take away these troubles. All your knives could be stuck to the magnetic bar. You could play around with the aesthetic according to your modular kitchen design.

Narrow Shelves: Most modular kitchens tend to have small awkward space between the fridge and a wall. Any such spaces could be fitted with these narrow tall shelves that help in adding storage space and organise your kitchen a little better.

Hollow Island: Every unused and empty space in a kitchen is potential storage space as long as it is articulated appropriately. If you have a kitchen with an island counter, a hollow island which acts as storage compartments is one of the neatest tricks. Not only it adds storage space to your kitchen, but it also helps keep things organised and clutter-free.

Label: With all the spices and flours in our Indian kitchens, it is very easy to get confused. Labels could be used to avoid confusion and mess up your favourite recipe the next time you cook.

Drawer Liners: Drawers are depressed compartments and it’s a tedious task to clean drawers. It’s easy for drawers to get dirty. Using liners is a neat trick to avoid all the tedious cleaning. Liners can be changed from time to time to keep your drawers clean.

Pull-out Chopping Board: If you are someone who does not like to display all the activities that happen or don’t have a big kitchen, pull-out chopping boards are the way to go. These remain concealed otherwise and allow for more space. They can be pulled out whenever needed.

Stackable Utensil Sets: Utensils when left lying around create chaos. Utensils that fit into each other help organise and save space. Thus, buying stackable utensils is a smart option.

Plastic Bag Holders: Most Indian kitchens have plastic bags collected from all the grocery shopping. They are mostly kept lying around. Getting a plastic bag holder or making one yourself makes space for all these bags and it can be tucked away in any corner.

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