Digital Transformation Trends To Look Forward To In 2023

Digital Transformation Trends To Look Forward To In 2023

The world of work is changing. In fact, it’s been changing for a while now. But there are some trends that will be particularly important in the coming years — and one of them is the rise of automation.

Automated processes will improve productivity in the workplace

Automated processes are self-contained systems that automate a specific task or process. These systems may be on the cloud and controlled remotely, or they could be run locally. By removing humans from the workflow, these automated processes can increase productivity and reduce costs. For instance, if you have a retail business, using Adobe Commerce can be a blessing. They are a boon to businesses, especially small ones that don’t have the resources to hire full-time employees for specialized tasks.

Remote work will become the new normal

The benefits of remote work are well-documented: it increases productivity, allows for better work-life balance, and saves companies money. The drawbacks are also clear: sometimes, you need to meet face-to-face with your team members. But what do you do when working remotely is the only option?

The workplace environment has changed dramatically over the last few years; it’s no longer acceptable to expect employees to be chained to their desks during the hours they’re “on the clock.” In fact, many employees now only come into office spaces a few days per week (or not at all). As such, organizations must be prepared for an influx of remote workers—and there are steps they can take in order to make these new arrangements successful.

More people will accept AI for what it is — artificial

As AI becomes more accepted and integrated into daily life, it’s important to keep in mind that AI is not a replacement for human intelligence. Rather, it’s a tool that can be used to augment the performance of humans by improving decision-making and allowing us to focus on other tasks.

As we become more comfortable with using AI as an augmentation tool, we may find ourselves relying on it for more and more tasks in our lives.

We will see more intelligent automation (IA)

IA is already here, but it’s only getting smarter. In 2023, we’ll see more AI-inspired technologies that make our lives easier and better. For example:

  • Your car will drive itself to work while you catch up on emails.
  • Your phone can tell you what the best route home is based on traffic and weather reports.
  • You can order food for takeout with a simple voice command or gesture instead of searching through menus and swiping credit cards or signing endless paperwork at restaurants before even eating your meal.

The data privacy debate will intensify

As we have seen in the past few years, data privacy will only become more of a focus. According to Adobe Commerce’s experts, “Companies will be held to higher standards with stricter regulations as they collect and store customers’ personal information.” Individuals will also become more aware of their rights when it comes to what companies can or cannot do with their data. More people will know about how much of their personal information is being collected by companies and how this affects them.

This is just a sample of the many awesome things that are coming in the world of digital transformation. There are more big changes happening every day, and you should look forward to what comes next!

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