Different Types of Cards To Express Your Love

Types of Cards

All occasions are special, they are a reminder of the special times and special people. Every year spent with your loved ones is a milestone, the time spent together is precious. Every moment is worth reliving and every moment worth remembering becomes an anniversary. There are so many ways to celebrate these glorious occasions, and the list is topped by greeting cards. Cards can be seen as a beautiful portrayal of emotions on paper. The feelings that can be conveyed through cards and the emotions the receiver feels while reading, are incredible.

There are so many different types of cards available for different types of people, to convey how you feel in different ways for different occasions.

The say it without words cards

There are people out there who are not that good at expressing themselves. People who are shy, who don’t know what to say can say it with a card. The cards are full of graphics and beautiful art to convey the message you want. The cards come with pre-written messages, a vast variety is available to choose from. From birthday cards to anniversary cards to just because cards, Tell them how much the day means to you and how special the occasion is, without saying a word.

The when you wanna say so much card

There are people who are shy and then there are people who never shy away from saying what’s on their mind. These people just need a platform to express themselves and what’s better than a creative card with an appealing cover and smooth surface. These cards are mostly blank from inside or have little written in them. The options also include getting a themed background and making it as attractive as you can to pen down the feeling you have.

Pop-it-up cards

These cards are for the creative, fun loving ones. The ones with a sense of humor and innovative mindset. The card portrays a pop-up figure when opened. This figure can be anything from a cake for birthday or wedding themed cards to different animals or objects like frogs or airplanes to make the receiver laugh. These cards don’t include many words, but they don’t really need them now, do they?

Musical bonus

The one thing which is limited by no language but is still known as the language of love, Music. Musical cards are popular among the romantics, Those who want the best of both worlds. The message written inside tells them directly whatever you wish to say and the symphony playing conveys the feelings you can not put into words. One can get the card customized to include their favorite song, a certain tune or even the recording of one’s own voice expressing their sentiments. This card is truly one of its kind.

The E-Cards

These days when everything is going digital, it’s high time for these beautiful pieces of paper to get electronic. These days, one can find a range of electronic cards online to send. They can be customized and sent immediately. They even include, sometimes, animations to tell a short story. These cards are perfect for people living far away and wish to surprise their loved ones in the middle of the day. The genres are as vast as the normal cards and can be replayed and saved as per the receiver’s choice.

The DIY cards

No matter what you buy or what you get, nothing can replace the value of personal efforts. The self-made cards can be considered as one of the most special ones. In every relationship, be it with your mother, father or partner, it’s you who knows them the best. Their likes and dislikes are imprinted on your memory, So, you are the one who can make the perfect card for them. The best part of these cards is that you can customize them however you want and uncountable times. You can include different themes, messages, colours etc and this is an amazing opportunity for you to show off your creative side to them. The options are endless and this will matter more because you took out time and put in a lot of effort to make something especially for them.

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