What is a Cybersecurity Engineer and Their Responsibility?

Cybersecurity Engineer

The JPMorgan Chase is a leading global financial services firm with assets operations in more than 60 nations. The firm is a leader in investment banking, commercial banking, financial services for small business and consumers, financial transaction processing, asset management and private fairness.

Technology & Cybersecurity Operational Risk Management (Tech & Cyber ORM) is a firm-wide group within Risk Management with oversight responsibility for the implementation of the JPMC Operational Risk Management Framework (ORMF) for Global Technology and Cybersecurity. Technology & Cyber ORM provides an independent view of Technology & Cyber risks to the firm’s management and Board of Employers.

The catalogue will teach a professional the skills obligatory to grow a security organization, decide threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security intimidation pressure will be on core security know-how assembly and nursing of network devices to maintain integrity confidentiality and availability of data and devices, cryptography and competency in the technologies used in security assemblies. The course will also prepare students to take the CCENT and the CCNA Security certification tests.

Cybersecurity Engineer within Operational Risk Management is responsible for the documentation, monitoring, testing, and governance of cybersecurity processes and controls risks inherent in JPMorgan Chase technology environment. This position will be highly engaged with the firm-wide Cybersecurity team who provides high-quality security solutions to detect and monitor for threats and vulnerabilities and manage security incidents to keep ahead of pressures.

We are looking for a multi-disciplined forward-looking technologist with diverse backgrounds and experiences including in areas such as cybersecurity, big data,  compliance and oversight, cloud security, cryptography, rights management, networking technologies and data security architectures. Knowledge of emerging technology trends and cyber threats will be mandatory.

The fruitful candidate will use experience and leadership skills to give guidance and best practice advice across the Cybersecurity castigation.  He/she will lead to significant event reviews, risk assessments, and perform monitoring of cybersecurity controls. Written and verbal communication of results of risk assessments will be provided by the Cybersecurity Engineer to organization, policymaking directors, managing directors and shareholders.  Role requires a strong self-starter who can understand program objectives, understand mitigating cybersecurity controls using a logical to independently assess the control environment.

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Job Description

To be considered for this position in Net Security Ops, you must be a syntax ninja.  Preliminarily, we are looking for Checkpoint certifications and/or training.  Assure you will be grilled on firewall questions in the interview procedure. Knowledge with and knowledge of Palo Alto (PA) is kind of significant.  Be security-minded because at Visa security is top importance.  Previous but not least, we need problem-solvers. If that sounds too unclear.

Operating system-agnostic memory allocation and process execution rudiments. Packet analysis and implications of encryption. Communication and detailed header examination DNS behaviour from client and server standpoints.  Sandboxing, virtual machine execution, and methods of evading and hiding virtual style.  Communal engineering and reconnaissance techniques and identification approaches.

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