Comprehensive IPMAT preparation guide for aspirants to win competition

IPM IIM Indore

There are 150 seats in IPM IIM Indore for the batch of 2020-2025. IPM or Integrated Programme in Management at IIM Indore is explicit of its kind program of the nation. Those aspiring for a career in management indeed aim at doing well in these examinations. After all, the reputation of IIM plays a major role in skyrocketing someone’s career. However, it requires thorough preparation being an extremely competitive domain of study.

 Those doing self-preparation:

Aspirants often aim to appear in mock tests for IPM IIM Indore for gaining confidence in cracking the exam. But, there is absolutely no meaning of appearing in any test without proper study. It means the first emphasis should be towards finding the right books or study materials for preparation. Irrespective of the coaching program one opts for, there is no replacement of self-studies. And, one needs the best impact books for best self-preparation. In this context, it is wise to go only with the latest editions, no matter who the author is.

Essential strategies to keep in mind for IPM AT preparation

IPMAT preparation needs a proper strategy to become successful. Moreover, one needs to be strategic about time management aspects as well. Both these factors play a major role in obtaining good scores. As far as preparation is concerned, the following points must be taken into account. Most importantly, one needs to complete the preparation a minimum of one week prior to the exam’s commencement.

  1. One needs to prepare as per the most recent question pattern. Preparation gets easier with the thorough observation of patterns. Similar is the case about the syllabus as well. An aspirant must have the complete syllabus in mind.
  2. Instead of randomly buying, one must purchase section-wise IPMAT books for the best preparation.
  3. Assess how many hours to spend at coaching classes and the amount of time to spend for self-preparation.
  4. Don’t miss the mock test for IPM IIM Indore for ultimate preparation.
  5. One should prepare a time table for each section and follow accordingly.

These simple tricks can enable anyone in attaining greater success.

Figure out the most crucial sections to prioritize

An aspirant must first figure out the most important sections to emphasise for better score. This rule one should apply for every subject; be it aptitude or reasoning. Unless one strategises like this, it is quite impossible to cover such vast things in little time. It would be even better to identify the topics from which questions are more likely to come. Above all, one should make these selections as per the current pattern of the exam. This strategy works for those doing self-study, as well as those preparing at coaching classes.

Peek in to exam pattern

Some students fail despite hard work as they don’t prepare as per exam pattern. It is here to note that the pattern of exam for 2020 has changed significantly. Structure of the exam has indeed changed for 2020. At the same time, it has changed in terms of contents as well. It is important to keep this well in mind and prepare accordingly.

According to the latest IPMAT 2020 test, it is going to have three sections in total. There will be sixty questions on a whole. Most important thing to remember is that questions from every section differ. They differ in terms of their question types as well. It means an aspirant’s strategy should be to score big in every section. One must understand that IPM IIM Indore admission involves section wise cut-off marks.

  • IPMAT 2020 test is broadly based on MCQs and short answers
  • There will be a couple of sections called Quantitative and Verbal Ability.
  • There will be 60 questions in total, which one must complete in 90 minutes.
  • Every right answer obtains 4 marks.
  • MCQs involve negative marking. One mark is cut down for every wrong answer. However, there is no negative marking for short type questions.
  • Candidates need to prepare in a given order, which is a must-follow for all.
  • One needs to complete the Quantitative Ability section in a period of 60 minutes.
  • The time limit for the verbal ability segment is 30 minutes.


The IPMAT test is undoubtedly tough as the level of competition is high. Hence, one must follow a strategic approach for greater success. In this context, the above strategies can be absolutely useful.

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