College Students Guide: How To Travel On A Limited Budget

How To Travel On A Limited Budget

College students have too much going on for them – submissions, practical, internals, exams and then their own personal life to handle outside academics, not to mention family issues, if there are any. A nice trip abroad or just somewhere the students will find peace will apparently sound good to them; if not for the limited budget, many students by now would have gone around the world already. Students need some concrete and useful tips to save their money, and these tips given below is the way to do just that. Judiciously following these steps will get you to your desired destinations. Start checking cheap flying options, such as Emirates, JetBlue, Virgin America, and other airlines, to kickstart your travel plans. You can also put Emirates coupons and deals to use to make sure that your savings are maximized for every travel plan!

Pack Lightly:

Using a compact bag to pack your stuff, especially if it’s carry-on, can certainly help you avoid paying extra fees at the airport or any other travel ways. It will not only help you travel easily but will make it simple as you will be consolidating and accommodating all of your necessary stuff in just one backpack. It figures, as being a college student doesn’t mean you will have those expensive trolley bags or will be able to afford them anytime soon. Think carefully what you want to carry and not; carry that stuff which is absolutely necessary. Let it be in your mind that your bag, after all, is not like Hermione’s purse.

Don’t live in Hotels:

Hotels are way more expensive than they are supposed to be. Being a college student, you will only be able to afford just one day’s rent, maybe two, if you have done enough savings. It doesn’t really help if you ask your parents to spot you, because going on a trip sponsored by your own money sounds much better than any other option, isn’t it? Don’t book a hotel room; it’s fancy but expensive. Instead, rent an apartment or a nice room in a hostel – it will definitely be lesser than the price you will have to pay for a hotel room. If there are known people in the area you are traveling to, well and good; but if you go online and find locals willing to rent their apartments, it will be an even better option for you. Living with a local who will introduce you to the surrounding world, while you save your money.

Always hunt for inexpensive flights:

Inexpensive flights are like a savior for college students. Booking well in advanced help, firstly. As a college student planning to travel to Egypt on a limited budget, booking your flights in advance and keeping an eye out for price drops can be a lifesaver. And once you’re ready to go, don’t forget to get your Egypt visitor visa using the easy online Egypt visa application process. There are many options that will help alert you about a dip in flights. But if you don’t know how to keep track of that, then you can just log in to Emirates’ website and book yourself a pretty inexpensive ticket. Emirates actually help with hotels, car rentals, tours and attractions, chauffeur drives, airport transfers, and whatnot. They will help you carry out everything. Just give yourself to Emirates, and they will take care of you as properly and efficiently as possible.

Find student discounts:

If you are a student – doesn’t matter about you being in college or high school – you are entitled to have discounts of your own. For example, Emirates offers Student cards which are valid for 12 months. The Emirates Youth & Student ticket is generally cheaper than other tickets. Why? Because of the lower price rates, and your time, as well as money, is saved, that would have otherwise gone in stop-overs and complex routings. There is a way of changing your travel dates and routes, with the help of this Youth and Student ticket. If you try to find other student discounts, you are welcome to check out. However, why bother when you have such a nice opportunity right in front of your eyes?

Start saving already, duh:

Before going on to take such nice, concrete steps, make sure you have enough savings to start planning any trip for yourself. A savings account is a must. No, don’t think that you will keep some money aside; you are prone to use it when you are short of money. This stash will help you understand what kind of a budget plan you will have to incorporate for your trip. Working two part-time jobs – while attending college and keeping up with decent grades – all at once if you can manage it works too. And of course, I don’t have to tell you how important it is to actually save now, do I?

These tips, more often than not, work quite well to make the dream of your dream a reality. Make sure you follow each and every step judiciously and with much-needed efforts and dedication. In no time, you will actually manage to afford more than just one or two trips, at least lasting weekend long.

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