Chiropractic Care Can Help with Gap in Treatment after a Car Accident

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Many car accident victims tend to not take their injuries seriously. Some even try to convince themselves that they escaped unhurt from the motor vehicle accident. Not seeking prompt and adequate medical attention after a car crash at an accident injury clinic can not only be harmful for your body and health but it can also go against you when you make your personal injury claim.

What Does a Gap in Treatment Mean?

When there is an extended period of time between an injury sustained in a car accident and your visit to a doctor or accident injury clinic, the long delay is termed as a gap in treatment. Insurance companies tend to take full advantage of this situation.

Let’s try and understand what happens in personal injury cases when there is a gap in treatment.

When you do not seek prompt medical care and attention at the best accident treatment clinic immediately after a car accident, insurance companies assume that your delay is because you were not injured during the crash. They shrug off their responsibility and deny or shortchange personal injury claims.

The companies put the entire blame on you for not having visited a medical facility after being involved in a car accident. Your delay is used against you to prove that you did not sustain any injuries at the time of the accident and visited an accident treatment clinic at a later date for causes not related to the accident.

Also, if you do not opt for immediate medical care and attention, it gives the insurance companies an opportunity to prove that your injuries were not severe enough to warrant prompt medical care. The insurance adjusters then try to provide you a lesser value in settlement.

Not delaying your treatment helps your personal injury lawyer too. If there is an accurate documentation and diagnosis of your accident injuries, it helps your lawyer get you a better personal injury claim.

So without any further delay get yourself to an accident clinic in Miami for the best treatment and chiropractic care. It is completely in your hands to not get mistreated by your insurance company.

Seeing a Chiropractor is Important

To reduce and diminish your personal injury claim, your insurance company uses your gap in treatment as an excuse. So even if you think you’ve not been hurt after a car accident, go for a check up to an accident injury clinic and get yourself thoroughly checked.

Explain all your symptoms to your chiropractor even if you think the pain you are having is not due to the car crash. For instance, you may not think it important enough to share the fact that you’ve been having headaches after the car accident. But the frequency of headaches could be a symptom of some underlying injury that has not yet revealed itself.

This is because many injuries take days or even weeks to present themselves. It is best to let your chiropractor be the judge of whether you’ve been injured or escaped unhurt from the car accident.

Chiropractors carry out a thorough diagnostic evaluation before providing you a customized treatment plan to follow. They are trained at diagnosing underlying injuries, which if left untreated can lead to life-altering medical conditions.

At times your chiropractor may also recommend some changes in your daily diet or prescribe some nutritional supplements to improve your healing. The sooner you procure all of the medical and diagnostic documentation from your chiropractor, the sooner you can start with your injury claim process.

So ‘toughing it out’ in the case of car accident injuries is not a prudent idea. Schedule an appointment at the best accident treatment clinic near you for a thorough consultation and evaluation.

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