Bridal Mehndi Designs That’ll Be Perfect For Your Wedding Day

mehndi designs for wedding day

We understand how important it is for any bride to sport beautiful mehndi designs on her wedding day. We firmly believe that the mehndi patterns that you’ll be sporting on your hands and your feet must not only be beautiful and embellishing but should also represent your true personality.

The first thing that you’ll need to decide on is the type of mehndi patterns that you want to wear on the day of your wedding. There are various different mehndi styles like Indian, Moroccan, Arabic etc. Then once you decide that, you can go ahead and decide on the motifs that’ll look great in that style. You can also ask your Top mehndi artist in Pune to incorporate the different motifs that are trending these days.

Here we have mentioned some really great motifs that we think will add a charm to your look.

Floral Mehndi Patterns

Floral Mehndi Patterns

The floral patterns are perfect for any look that you are wearing on your wedding. These go well along with the contemporary looking bridal attire and are equally embellishing when you are going for that traditional look.

DulhaDulhan Patterns

DulhaDulhan mehndi Patterns

Wearing the mehndi motifs depicting Dulha and Dulhan in the designs will be another great idea. However, one thing that you’ll need to check with the mehndi artist when you want these motifs is that he/she is proficient enough to make the beautiful faces. These motifs will be perfect to sport for the wedding look.

The Tota Maina Designs

The Tota Maina mehndi Designs

Tota and Maina are the perfect representations of the love that you share with your partner. So, the mehndi patterns with the motifs of TotaMaina on your hands will be a perfect addition and will help flaunt your love towards your partner.

Ever So Favourite Peacock Feathers

Ever So Favourite Peacock Feathers

Without the mention of these, any list of mehndi motifs will be incomplete. The peacock with its beautiful feathers look really great and most importantly it is a motif that is really versatile. The peacock feathers can be depicted in the mehndi patterns in a number of different ways with each of them looking equally beautiful.

The Traditional Paisley Design

The Traditional Paisley Design

Some call it the mango design or the droplet designs. The motif is much like a droplet design with a curved tip. This is the most popular design pattern in the Indian mehndi styles. This has been in a continuous trend for many years now and will continue to be so because these curvy little motifs are enough to make you go gaga.

The Beautiful Jaali Patterns

Jali Patterns mehndi design

Jaali mehndi patterns are just pure classic and are another motif that never goes out of trends. This pattern is really the favourite of every bride and looks really classy. These patterns are really easy to make and are perfect for filling out the empty spaces. The one thing that makes these patterns really awesome is that these look equally good on the hands as well as feet.

The Mandala Motif

Mandala Motif mehndi design

The round motifs with a lot of intricate design elements in it look really good. The mandala pattern is a traditional Indian mehndi pattern that is typically made in the centre of the hands and the feet. Other patterns are then made all around it to complete the full pattern on the hands and the feet. As the trends are changing rapidly, the modern half mandalas have also become really popular. These are much more difficult as the only half mandala is made on one hand while the other half is made on the other hand perfectly aligned with the first one.

Patterns Depicting The Jewels

Patterns Depicting The Jewels mehndi design

You can create the pattern of hathphool on your hands, a bracelet mehndi pattern on your wrists, a beautiful ring on your fingers, or anklets on your ankles. These decorative mehndi patterns are a great alternative for the heavy jewellery for hands and feet. These patterns are really popular among young brides and can be used along with the jewellery ornaments as well.

These beautiful mehndi motifs will be really great to enhance your look to an entirely different level and help you to be a beautiful bride. Which of the above mentioned do you like the most? Do share with us in the comments and mark them down for your Big Day.

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