Brian Ferdinand: A Corporate Housing Unit Beats a Hotel Room Any Day

Brian Ferdinand: A Corporate Housing Unit Beats a Hotel Room Any Day

Business trips provide excellent opportunities for you to take in new sights and add value to your company in ways that aren’t possible from your regular office. However, they can also be difficult on you both physically and mentally if you don’t have the best place to lay your head every night after an exhausting work day. Fortunately, hotels aren’t the only housing option for business travelers, according to a recently published industry article. Corporate housing is an alternative to hotels that offer many more benefits than hotels do, according to business expert Brian Ferdinand in the article.

The Corporate Housing Difference Part 1

In the recent article, Ferdinand explains that corporate housing is an ideal housing option for both long-term and short-term stays. Business travelers can certainly take advantage of it, but these housing units can also appeal to government/military personnel and even students who must stay somewhere for extended periods of time.

When you book a corporate housing unit, all you need is a single suitcase, according to Brian Ferdinand. That’s because you’ll essentially walk into a home that is already prepared to receive you. Once you unpack your clothes and other belongings, you can feel like you’re at home, as you’ll be surrounded by the types of furnishings and other amenities you left behind at your own residence. In fact, you may actually be introduced to some new amenities that you’re not used to having—ones you have several weeks to explore.

The Corporate Housing Difference Part 2

The added ease and comfort that come with renting a corporate housing unit can drastically enhance your business travel experience. And this can, in turn, boost your productivity. After all, you won’t constantly be surrounded by people who are coming and going. This is a benefit that is often overlooked when travelers consider corporate housing versus other types of temporary living accommodations, like hotels.

Finally, because corporate housing units come with lease terms that are flexible, you can easily stay in these units for one month or multiple months at a time. This is excellent for contract workers who are paying their own way, and it’s also great for companies who are sending their employees on business trips during various seasons of the year. More flexibility with leasing means more money in your wallet and less stress so that you can more easily focus on the reason why you’re traveling in the first place: to add value to your company or business on a new level.

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