Best things to do with children in San Antonio

Traveling with children can sometimes be a complicated experience. And although children provide us with unforgettable moments, there are many aspects that we must take into account to make it a comfortable trip for you and them. That’s why when planning your trip you have to choose well the places you are going to visit, especially taking into account that they are appropriate for the age of your children. But do not despair! We have selected for you the five best places to enjoy your family vacation, from historical sites to rides in San Antonio.


The amusement park, museum, aquarium, and spa are the largest of the SeaWorld chain in the United States. It is an excellent option for the whole family because it has several activities that entertain both children and parents. First, it has several exciting roller coasters, a wild river, and several fairground games, where you can test your skills and earn a teddy bear. Then, there are whale, sea lion, dolphin, and beluga whale shows that promote conservation and ecological awareness.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas 

It is always an excellent option to spend the day. Besides having multiple roller coasters, a water park, games for children -and dads- of all ages, there are musical shows (dedicated to pop, rock, or eighties rhythms) and stores to satisfy your shopping taste (ranging from commemorative clothing stores to essential products such as diapers and aspirins). There are many options to eat, as suitable for children as parents, with American, Asian, Healthy, Italian, Mexican specialties and all kinds of snacks.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Forty minutes from San Antonio, on the Comal River banks, it is world-famous in New Braunfels for its slides, wild rivers, wave pools, playgrounds, and spaces to relax. Some of the attractions are just for kids, but there are many others for families.

The historic mission of the Alamo

No ifs, ands, or buts, one of the must-sees in San Antonio is the Alamo. It is one of the most important historical sites in Texas. The monument reflects Texas’s origins, so it is so significant in history that it was announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The fort was and still is a haven wherever you look, but today it opens its doors through a museum, which tells the story behind the Alamo and its role in the Texas revolution in 1836. Their infrastructure remains the same, but they have incorporated spaces to purchase gifts and take photographs through stores and galleries over the years.

Traders Village 

In Traders Village, you will find some of the best rides in San Antonio. You will be able to walk around in a real sense a great many shops, haggle with the retailers themselves and get a truly incredible deal. From youngsters’ toys to tires, you can discover it at Traders Village at some random end of the week.

Now that it’s reopened, the entrance is only 4 dollars per car, and inside you’ll find rides suitable for all your family, from the youngest to those who over the years have developed an adrenaline addiction.

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