Best Spectacles for Round Face

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Spectacles have become a style statement and a major part of the outfit these days. Gone are the days when wearing spectacles equaled the geeks or nerds. Now people enjoy wearing them as an accessory so much so that they buy specs online with zero number only so that they can flaunt a nerdy look.

However, looking for spectacles online can be challenging especially if you can’t figure out which type of frame will suit your face shape. For instance, if you have a round face, then wearing round glasses will make you look chubbier. So, to add some dimension to your round face, the best spectacle frame would be something that has edges.

This post is for people with round faces who are on the lookout to buy spectacles that suit their face shape.

Best Spectacles for Round Face

Black Cateye Style Metal Acetate Frame - Computer Spex (Zero Power)


Cat-eye spectacles are one of the most stylish frames for working women with round faces. Its upswept shape breaks the roundness of your face and gives an edgy look. For the #bosslady or #womenwhohustle, get cat-eye glasses to complete your office look.

Transparent Square Shaped Acetate Frame - Computer Spex (Zero Power)

Square shaped

For something offbeat, go for squared spectacles in transparent. Transparent glasses are in trend right now and they give this funky look to any outfit. People with round faces can easily buy spectacles that are in a square shape as they help break the roundness of the face. Any frame with edges suits the round type.

Black Aviator Full Rim Metal Frame - Computer Spex (Zero Power)


An eyewear frame that has recently made a trend is the aviator spectacles. The same shape in sunglasses are a hit for decades but something which is very recent is the aviator spectacles. These are highly popular among the men as they bring out an edginess to their look. Girls opt for golden aviators as they look trendy.

Brown Black Rectangular Acetate Frame with Metal Temple - Reading Eyeglasses

Rectangular spectacles

Probably the best spectacle frame or the most preferred shape in India is the rectangular pair. Most people, whether they have a round face, oval face or a heart-shaped face, prefer rectangular frames as they suit most face shape. People with a round face can safely go for this option as they not only bring a serious look to your face but also look nerdy!

Grey Black Wayfarer Style Acetate Frame - Bi-Focal


Probably the cutest frame for people with round faces is the wayfarer. They’re fun, chic, playful, and look nerdy, put together yet serious. Wayfarers are go-to glasses for the younger generation as they suit their playful nature.

Hunting for spectacles online can be challenging but with websites that have options of AI try-outs makes it easier as you can just upload your photo and try on different glasses virtually that suit your face. Head to and try on different frames to make sure you pick out the best spectacle frame.

Yourspex has different options for all types of faces whether it is round, oval or rectangular. There are metal frames, high-end lightweight plastic frames and different frame types for different purposes. If you’re looking for computer glasses that protect eyes from harsh blue light, then you can check them out on their website.

These days, even kids wear glasses because of the ‘study from home’ scenario as parents are worried the harmful rays coming from the screens can damage their kids’ delicate eyes. You can pick blue light spectacles for kids that come with zero power from

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