Dressing up well is a very important factor in navigating through day to day situations. Not only does it add to a visual appeal but also helps in gaining confidence and feeling your best – which is very important in enhancing your communication skills.

When dressing up for work, along with a great outfit, it is also important to choose the right jewellery to go with. Jewellery can make or break a look. It can add a statement, a chic quotient or an effortless vibe. It all depends on the type of your jewellery. With online jewellery shopping in India it is indeed very convenient to put your hands on office jewellery and create the perfect look. Here is your guide to picking the right jewellery for your office look and nailing it every day at work with confidence and style.


For everyday office look, it is important to consider the functionality of your jewellery hence it is best to keep it comfortable and elegant at the same time. It is best to either wear a pair of earrings or adorn your neck with a delicate necklace or a chain with a pendant. Avoid wearing both of them together to keep things breezy. Engagement rings/bands are totally wearable for everyday looks. Wearing one ring in each hand will help balance the look. It is important to go for jewellery that is lightweight and elegant. Anything too flashy is not a good idea for everyday use. Remember, comfort is the key. Solitaire diamonds and gemstones jewellery can add the much-needed elegance to your everyday look.


Business meetings or times when you have to address a group of people are your windows to create an impression and that calls for attention to details. Stud earrings are a great choice for events like these. They add the perfect amount of style to your look. So are bracelets and rings. They add a ring of grace to your hand gestures. Additionally, a good watch never goes out of style.


Corporate dinner parties and formal functions are your occasions to play it graceful. Since events like this means meeting a lot of business clients and important people, it is important to wear a great outfit and look professional yet stylish. Wear graceful jewellery that adds a charisma to your personality. Wearing precious jewellery in solitaire diamonds and gold will add tastefulness to your look.


These office parties are your times to grab those signature neckpieces, latest jewellery trends or statement earrings and have fun with your look. The rule to rocking statement jewellery is to wear one statement piece while toning down the other pieces. This helps in balancing the overall look. Make sure to get creative with your wardrobe and exhibit your fun side.

Work style is all about bringing out your individuality while keeping within the work ethics. While having fun while dressing up is always important, you can always play around with your jewellery to add an essence of personality to your look.

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