Best Computer Tracking Software in 2019

Best Computer Tracking Software in 2019

TheOneSpy is one of the most powerful computer tracking software rightly accessible. It is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows and Mac operating system. The tracking software is designed for employers and parents to keep track of computer devices of employees and children. The business owners and managers can take advantage of the tracking software to monitor the digital devices used by workers at the workstation. The non-tech savvy parents can supervise the computer activities of their children to ensure their online security. This article discusses the core features of TheOneSpy tracking software that make it the best monitoring solution for computers.

How does TheOneSpy Work?

The computer tracking solution of TheOneSpy enables businesses and families to keep their workers and children under surveillance. The end-user of the computer tracker software can keep track of almost every single digital activity of concerned persons. To monitor the computer devices of children or workers, the user needs to get the devices installed with tracking software. After installation, the web portal of the tracker software is used to monitor and operate the targeted computer device.

Core Features of Computer Tracker

The computer monitoring software offers a wide range of features letting users track online and offline activities performed on the targeted digital device. We have rounded up here the most prominent features of the tracker software.

Live Screen Recording

Are you concerned about your kid’s computer activities? Do the engagements of your worker make you suspicious? There is a simple way to find out what your concerned person or group is doing at the present time using their computers. The computer tracking software lets you capture the screen of the monitored computer device so you can check out what your target is doing. It lets you see what is being watched, searched or typed on the targeted computer in real-time.


The microphone of the monitored computer device can be operated via a web portal of the spy software. It lets you listen to the surrounding sounds and voices. You can listen to the sounds in real-time or get it recorded for reviewing it in leisure time.

Camera Bug

The computer tracker software lets you operate cameras of the monitored device. You can turn on primary and secondary cameras through the web portal. It allows taking photos and videos to capture surrounding scenes. The photos and videos get uploaded to the online portal of the spy software.


The computer tracking software lets you take screenshots to capture the screen of the monitored device. It lets you see what appears on the computer screen with a specific interval.


The computer monitoring app acts as a keylogger to record keystrokes applied to the targeted device. It includes key logs of usernames, passwords and email addresses. It allows accessing credentials of online accounts operated on the targeted device.

Monitor Emails

The emails received and sent via a monitored computer can be monitored with the help of computer tracking software. You can read the email content and see email addresses of communicators.

Track Internet Browsing History

Do you want to monitor the internet use of your employees and children? The computer tracking software lets you monitor the internet usage of your concerned persons. It accesses the internet browsing history of the monitored computers. You can find out which websites your target visits and how frequently.

Website Blocking

The spy solution for computers allows managing the internet use of your concerned individuals and groups. You can manage internet access of your children and workers to prevent them from visiting objectionable and unproductive websites. You can block websites by URLs. The websites can also be blocked by keywords or key phrases.

Compatible Devices

The computer monitoring solution of TheOneSpy allows tracking desktop and laptop computers running Windows and Mac OS. It supports Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, LG and Samsung computers running Windows OS 7, 8 and 10. The MAC monitoring software is compatible with MacBook, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac running macOS 10.5 to 10.12.


The price of Windows monitoring software and Mac tracking software is around $40 a month. The 3-month subscription and 12-month subscription of the tracker software cost around $60 and $110 respectively.

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