Are Pop Up Shops Dedicated Only For Fashion And Accessories?

Pop Up Shops

Not at all! Although fashion brands were the first to adopt the Pop up shop format, the truth is that there have been many businesses or sectors that have decided to join this trend.

Music groups, restaurants, gourmet food brands, film producers, and even animal food brands are just a small sample of how much this sales format is of interest. As a curiosity, at the end of 2013, the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja organized a pop up shop in Madrid in which, taking advantage of the proximity of Xmas, it put on sale prestigious pieces of glass at affordable prices and elaborated with 18th-century techniques.

A format that offers us great opportunities without major costs

Pop upshops do not imply an unjustifiable cost for brands. Its limitation in time gives a brand the opportunity to become known, organize solidarity markets, exit items in stock, be close to customers, and meet their expectations about products without incurring fixed rental and maintenance costs of a shop.

And finally, some examples to share with you

Some brands have bet heavily on the Pop up shops and have carried out actions that have aroused great interest. An example of this is the sports brand Adidas. Over the last year, the brand opened a Pop up Shop in the form of a shoe box and with the design of its classic Stan Smith shoes.

Once inside, visitors could enjoy collection products and interactive activities. It was not the first time that Adidas carried out such an action, for some years, it has been betting on its marketing and communication strategies for this format.

In May 2017, Barcelona witnessed the creation by the Hermés firm of a wonderful Pop Up shop that physically represented the virtual home that they already created for their mythical scarves in the Pop Up shop online at Maisondecarres website. Once there, visitors could set the colors of their favorite signature scarf and print it; they could relax in a hammock or see the new collection of women’s bow ties. Even the firm enabled a laundry space for those who wanted it, could dye their old scarves and give them a new look. Visitors could not leave this place without a souvenir picture, and specifically for this,the company enabled a Photo call.

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