ACCA Exam Papers: The Ultimate Guide

ACCA Exam Papers The Ultimate Guide

Are you considering becoming an ACCA professional or about to begin your preparation for the upcoming ACCA exams?

Then you must know what you should learn and all that is involved to advance your accounting career.

In this article, we have tried to describe all the ACCA papers that you need to complete to become an ACCA affiliate and the reasons you should choose to learn more about ACCA exam papers.

Strategic professional

Strategic business leader [SBL]

This paper is an amalgamation of both professional and technical knowledge that practically requires you to analyse case studies.

Advanced audit and assurance [AAA]

This paper is designed to training on how to analyse, evaluate and concludes issues related to audit and assurance, enabling you to overcome challenges that are often faced by auditors.

Advanced taxation [ATX]

This section is tailored to provide you with all the advice and information that is required to understand different methods of exercising professional judgement on behalf of companies or wealthy individuals.

Advanced performance management [APM]

This paper will teach you how to manage a company by laying the groundwork for a successful business and improved performance.

Advanced financial management [AFM]

This section particularly deals with the management of the finances by leveraging better analytical skills and exercising a higher level of professional judgement.

Strategic business reporting [SBR]

Professional business reporting helps students prepare reports correctly and communicate reporting principles effectively.

Applied skills

Financial management [FM]

Sure teaches you to effectively conduct investment appraisal along with little mining and evaluating effective alternate resources.

Audit and assurance [AA]

This section brings in a practical approach towards teaching students how to execute an audit, keeping in mind their ticket and professional considerations.

Financial reporting [FR]

Students can develop relevant skills in applying accounting standards, as well as obtain a deeper understanding of the theoretical framework in charting out financial statements.

Taxation [TX]

Learning this paper will allow you to expand your knowledge related to the tax system and its application to individuals and companies.

Performance management [PM]

Completing this section will help you learn about managing the performance of a company by leveraging budgeting and control, performance measurement, decision making, costing and management accounting techniques.

Corporate and business law [LW – ENG]

This paper offers a general understanding of the legal areas and framework of a business by determining the key legal system elements.

Applied knowledge

Management accounting [MA]

This is an introductory section that helps you understand the general techniques used within an office environment.

Financial accounting [FA]

This city based paper enables you to acquire the skills relevant to accounting equations and double-entry bookkeeping.

Accounting in business [AB]

This paper emphasizes the role played by accounting in contributing towards the ethical and effective management of an organisation.

Expanding your knowledge about the above mentioned ACCA papers, you must also dedicate time towards gaining substantial professional experience to boost your chances of becoming an ACCA member.

Give yourself the best chance to become an ACCA affiliate by logging onto our website and registering for the flexible course that we have to offer you!

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