9 Careers That Will Keep You Active

9 Careers That Will Keep You Active

Are you thinking of getting out of your sedentary desk-job career and into a job that will help to keep you fit and active? This post is for you!

With the global pandemic finally receding, many people have realized that spending Monday-Friday 9-5 stuck indoors is not for them!

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy

The rise in fitness and lifestyle trends are making people realize that they need to be active in their daily lives if they wish to stay healthy. Gone are the days of sitting at a desk all day, with the stress that can come from this. It is now fashionable to be out and about!

But, what careers offer this?

So many of us have grown up in a world of technology and knowledge; it is our primary focus these days.

Many people would agree that technology has helped them through their day, becoming so busy with Facebook updates and uploading pictures on Tumblr, but cast your mind aside from technology, and you will see that there is a world of work ready for those who want to be active every day.

Here are nine careers that will help you stay active for as long as possible.

Nursing and Healthcare

There aren’t many careers that allow you to be more active than working as a nurse in healthcare.

You will be doing so many tasks that will keep you active throughout the day, and you will be doing it for the benefit of others who need help.

This is a career that keeps you physically active and gives you a sense of purpose, knowing that you are helping someone get better every day. Nursing is a career that requires a qualification. If you’re interested in becoming a nurse, many colleges offer courses such as accelerated BSN nursing programs.

However, to be a nurse requires a lot of commitment to studying and hard work to gain your qualification.

Veterinary Nursing

Nursing is a profession that will keep you fit and active for a long time. Taking care of animals, ensuring their welfare and wellbeing means that you will be spending time outside and getting exercise.

The physical activity needed in this career will help to keep your heart healthy, which is vitally important. If you have a love of animals and want to spend time with them, this could be the career for you!

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists work with people who are injured or otherwise need rehabilitation. They help them gain their strength back or manage their pain in order to get back to full health.

This is an active job that requires you to be on your feet all day and moving around, helping people who need it most.

Regardless of your condition, if you are unable to do so, therapy is not the career for you.


This career entails a lot of outdoor work and is often considered very physically active as you will spend most of your time outdoors working.

You will need physical strength and stamina to work the land and care for livestock to earn a living from farming.


The word gardener originates from the Old French word “jardinier”, which means “keeper of the garden”. A gardener spends their day out of doors, working alongside plants and looking after them.

A career in gardening will keep you active, but you will also enjoy being outside as well. It is a calm and soothing job to work in nature all day long.

You have to be physically fit to start a career as a gardener, as there are so many manual tasks that you will be performing.

Nursery Attendant

Another career that will keep you physically fit is working as a nursery attendant. These people work in nurseries, looking after the children and helping them with their early years’ education.

The physical activity required by this job means that you will be burning calories all day long, but it also has the benefit of spending time with young children.

Nursery attendants are usually paid by the hour, so it is not a salaried job, but filling your day with activity is surely better than sitting at home doing nothing.

Dog Walker

Dog walkers work with dogs, caring for them and ensuring their health and well-being.

If you love dogs, working as a dog walker could be the career for you. It is an active job as you will be walking your dog every day, keeping them healthy and happy.

This is not a long-term career choice, but it is one that certainly helps to keep you fit and active, and it has the potential to supplement a freelance income by picking up contract assignments on the side.


Working as a firefighter will mean that you are always active. You will need to be on your feet all day and be fit enough to do the job you were trained to do.

You will be saving lives and helping others outdoors by attending fires and rescuing those who can’t help themselves.

This is a physically demanding career, but it is one that will keep you active all of the time. If this sounds like a career for you, consider a job in a fire department near you.

Police Officer

Police officers have one of the busiest jobs around. They are responsible for guarding people who need it most and caring about those in their community.

This is a career that can be both physically and mentally demanding, and it’s definitely not a career for the faint of heart, but there are many reasons why it will keep you fit all of the time.

Another benefit to this job is that there are many new career opportunities for police officers, as technology has developed in recent years. This means that you can have a lot of control over your own career path and what you want to do with your life when you join the force.

If this sounds like a career you would be interested in, get some information on training courses available in your area.

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