6 Ways To Cool Down This Summer For Cheap

AC on rent

Worried about the large costs that come with buying air conditioners? Don’t sweat it. There are several ways to cool down this summer for cheap. You can follow a few creative measures to avoid heavy electricity bills and save money on buying fancy appliances. Here is a list of ways to cool down this summer for cheap.

1) Table fans: table fans are a simple and cheap solution to cool down this summer. Table fans cost less than 500 rupees and they can be moved around anywhere. If you are worried about long power cuts this summer, get battery operated fans so that you can take them with you to the balcony or use them when the power supply is cut. Table fans and battery fans are effective and also cheap.

2) Plants: plants seem like an odd thing to have in our house to cool down, but they are extremely useful. Plans regulate the humidity in the air by releasing moisture. They also help control pollution and add an aesthetic tinge to the house. Cool down this summer by filling your house with small and beautiful plants. You can place them on windowsills, in the bathroom and even in your bedroom.

3) Get an AC on rent: buying an air conditioner is definitely an expensive affair. If you are looking to cut costs, the best thing to do is to rent it. You can get an AC for rent from an online source in cities like Delhi and Bombay for less than 2000 rupees a month.

4) Get an air cooler on rent: if renting an air conditioner is not an affordable option because of the expensive electricity bills, what you can do is get an air cooler on rent. Air coolers cost less than 1000 rupees a month to rent and they consume less electricity. You can also move them around from room to room which is an added advantage. This way, you do not have to get multiple coolers on rent.

5) Blenders: blenders are an absolute blessing to have during the summer season. You can make cold soups or smoothies if you don’t feel like enduring the heat emanated from the gas stoves. You can substitute juices and cold soups for hot meals. You can also get a juicer and make fresh fruit juice every day to stay healthy and hydrated during the summer.

6) Ice Cream Maker: an ice cream maker is extremely useful and fun to have during the summer season, especially if you have kids in the house. You can make ice cream any time of the day and use healthier ingredients of your choice. Ice cream makers are cheap and easy to use. You can order one from an online source and make unlimited ice cream all day.

Staying cool during the summer need not always be expensive and challenging. All you need is a little planning. You can use these tips to stay cool and hydrated this summer.

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