6 Things to Do Now to Prepare your Home for Summer in New Delhi


Summers can be really extreme in New Delhi. The temperature can even go up to about 47 degrees Celsius. In such a case, if you are looking for rental flats in New Delhi, you can choose the ones that are located in the open areas. You can ask your broker or real estate agent to help you find a flat for rent in New Delhi for the Summer season before the onset of the season.

To keep the heat of the season away from reaching the heat in your head, below are the six tips that you can consider to stay cool and feel cool:

  • Types of Flats you can Rent in New Delhi in Summer

Before moving into a rental flat in New Delhi, check if the place is summer-ready. Select the flat that is facing the South direction, or has the balcony or windows in the South direction. This way, your flat will be well-circulated with the cool breeze.

Besides this, you can also look for rental flats that are located near the ground floor. Avoid the topmost floor at all costs. This is because when the terrace of your building heats up, your roof heats up and increases the temperature in your flat.

  • Rent Home Appliances for Ventilation and Cooling

It is almost April, and the Summer is already showing us its glimpse. This is the time to install the right appliances that will keep the excess heat away from your rental flat and maintain ideal room temperature.

Look around on the online furniture rental companies for any affordable deals on the air conditioner. Check for the size of your room, and then select the capacity of the air conditioner. If not, you can even rent a powerful air cooler.

  • Change your Dark-colored Curtains With Light Ones

No matter what is the capacity of your air conditioner, the moment you switch it off, you again begin to experience that the temperature in your room is rising up. To put an end to this situation for once and for all, you can simply change your existing curtains with white ones.

  • Install Energy Efficient Bulbs and Home Appliances

Your light bulb can create a lot of heat in the room. As a result, the temperature of your home can increase dramatically. In such a case, you should check whether the bulbs and appliances are energy efficient or not. If not, you can call a professional electrician and get these changed with eco-friendly ones.

  • Install Exhaust Fans in your Bathroom and Kitchen

Besides that delicious recipe that you cook in the kitchen, there is heat cooking up as a by-product. If you have all the windows and doors closed, you will experience a sudden increase in the temperature in your home. The solution to it is to install exhaust fans in your kitchen as well as a bathroom.

  • Pot Multiple Plants

When you have a lot of plants in your balcony, you will be able to maintain the ideal temperature in your house.

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