6 Reasons Coffee Is Perfect for a First Date

coffee in Georgia

If you’re going on a first date, the tricky part is deciding where to go. Restaurants can be expensive, bars can be tacky, and miniature golf? Well, that’s always a mistake. Fortunately, there’s always a local coffee shop available for the perfect dating venue. Here are a free reasons to find a table at a place that sells specialty coffee in Georgia for your next first date.

1. You’ll Save Money

Whether you’re treating or going Dutch, nothing’s worse than spending money on a date that’s going nowhere. When you go to a coffee shop, however, you’ll never have to spend too much and — depending on where you go — you can still have a classy date.

2. You Can Learn a Lot from A Person by How They Order

How your date orders their drink at your local coffee roasters in Georgia will give you a good idea whether or not you want to spend more time with them. If they’re too demanding and rude to the barista, that’s the kind of personality flaw you’ll want to know right away.

3. Perfect for Conversation

Coffee was practically invented for chatting. The heat of the drink encourages sipping, and talking between sips. Furthermore, there’s that little caffeine buzz which is perfect for driving conversation on interesting subjects.

4. You’ll Stay Sober

If you’re on a date at a bar or restaurant, and you’re nervous, you might be tempted to drink too much in order to relax. While totally natural, that’s probably the worst thing you can do. You might come off as sloppy and irresponsible, and you might wind up being too honest and putting your foot in your mouth. Coffee is a far safer beverage compared to liquor where dating’s concerned.

5. It’s Easier to Split

It’s harder to leave a bad date if you’re still waiting for dinner to arrive. It’s even harder to leave a play at intermission if things aren’t working out. With coffee, however, it’s far easier to take a couple sips and say, “Look at the time! Well, gotta run!”

6. Coffee’s Actually Good For You

Coffee has several health benefits. It’s filled with antioxidants, great for sharpening the mind, and it’s even good for your liver. That’s another thing you can’t say about alcohol.

The next time you’re about to go on a first date, don’t bother looking for the latest hot club or restaurant. Sharing time over specialty coffee in Georgia may be the smartest — and most romantic — choice you can make.

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