5 Style Tips When Wearing Skinny Jeans This Summer

5 Style Tips When Wearing Skinny Jeans This Summer

Summer is all about breezy and comfy outfits that let you flaunt your skin with confidence. These outfits are typically minimal and curve-flattering, to beat the heat with style. Skinny jeans are the ultimate style arsenals in a woman’s wardrobe to rejoice chicness and comfort. These are versatile investments that can be incorporated into dozens of different outfits.

When the heat and humidity are upon us, it’s time to get creative with summer-friendly outfit ideas. It’s all about flaunting your skin and looking chic in a breezy statement. We’ve scooped up five insanely voguish ideas to amplify your summer glam with comfy and chic outfits.

Here, feast your eyes:

1). Graphic Energy

Graphic t-shirts and skinny jeans are a made-for-each-other clothing combination for effortless chicness. Summer is certainly the ideal time to channel your graphic energy and give your outfits a bold dose of drama. Bring out all your heavy metal and grunge-style t-shirts, and invest in cool graphic designs. Pair up your skinny jeans with minimal t-shirts carrying head-turning quotes to make a distinctive statement.

These outfits can be flaunted with a wide array of styles and clothing staples. For instance, you can give it a 90s-style transformation by tying up your t-shirt at the waist. For a street-chic statement, seal the outfit with a heavily distressed denim jacket. You can even go for a graphic denim jacket to amplify the glam.

2). Blazer Alert

Do you want to give your skinny jeans a charming, work-friendly charm? Just pair them up with sleek and sharply structured blazers. We strongly urge you to invest in bold and dark colors, such as black, deep blue and wine reds. These exude a polished and formal appeal, and when paired with skinny jeans, the results are strikingly voguish. You can always sneak in a bright-colored floral blouse to give the outfit a feminine appeal.

This outfit can also be transitioned into a party-ready look. Just pair up your sexy biker jeans with a bold, sequined blazer, or even a rich velvet design. You can add a bralette or a lace top underneath, and seal the look with a bold red pout. Viola! You’re ready to hit the clubs in style.

3). Bralettes

Ladies, bralettes aren’t going out of style anytime soon, and here’s a great reason to shop some more: they look insanely sexy with skinny jeans. These outfits are super functional to beat the heat and avoid sweat-smears that ruin our delicate blouses and dresses. Bralettes paired with skinny jeans exude a chic, athleisure appeal that can be flaunted anywhere and everywhere.

You can wear this statement on your everyday grocery trips, shopping at the mall, hangouts with friends, or even nightclubs. It’s all about creating an immaculate outfit. For a festive look, you can go for a sequined or lacy bralette, and seal the look with a statement blazer.

Denim jackets, cropped blazers, and leather jackets are all excellent outwear choices to elevate the charm of this outfit.

4). Statement Shoulders

Yet another super-functional and summer-friendly trend to rejoice, statement shoulders look voguishly chic with skinny jeans. They are a splendid investment to make breezy and glamorous summer-friendly outfits without trying too hard.

Here’s an excellent remedy for a bad hair day: flaunt a sexy off-the-shoulder top with your favorite, curve-flattering skinny jeans. You can pick out statement shoulders with halter-necklines, one-shoulder tops, and ruffled off-the-shoulder blouses. These insanely chic outfits can also be flaunted at work, particularly if you work in the fashion or lifestyle industry.

You can also flaunt this look at formal events or semi-formal luncheons. For a polished and chic lunch statement, pair a sexy one-shoulder blouse with your skinny blue jeans. It will create a sleek, head-turning statement without requiring much effort on your part.

5). Virginal White

White is one of the most versatile and functional color palettes to rock in summer. When paired with skinny denim jeans, it creates a refreshingly delightful combination. Now, there is a great deal of variety to explore this trend. You can play around with basic white t-shirts, white silk blouses, and of course, basic white button-downs.

For a formal, work-appropriate look, pair up your basic white button-down with baby blue skinny jeans. The outfit will look splendid on its own, but you can always seal it with a chic blue blazer. For a more feminine statement, pair your skinny jeans with a billowy silk white blouse. This outfit will allow smooth style transitions from work to play.

Basic white button-downs look utterly chic with skinny jeans, and you can flaunt them at a wide array of occasions. White t-shirts with bold graphic designs or compelling quotes written in attractive fonts are another remarkable choice.


We sincerely hope you find our roundup to be inspiring and filled with promising style advice. We strongly believe that style is a personal expression of one’s own creativity. You can always give these statements your own style twist by adding up accessories and bright colors. Remember, fashion is an expression of one’s own creativity, and one should never feel compelled to imitate others.

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