4 Kinds Of Car Accident Injuries Caused By Head-On Collisions

Though frontal crashes make up only 2% of auto accidents, sadly the number of fatalities due to head-on collisions stand at 10%.

Are head-on collisions more dangerous? When two cars travelling in opposite directions crash into each other, the collision can cause serious injuries or even turn fatal. And, if both the vehicles involved in the head-on collision are moving at the same speed, the impact is doubled which can lead to severe injuries.

Negligent behavior and reckless driving are two major causes of head-on collisions. External factors such as fog or snow can also be counted as crucial reasons for a head-on collision.

The force of the impact multiplies when both vehicles are moving at high speeds. The victims find it difficult to handle the force of the collision and the impact may at times even eject them out of their vehicles.

This is where the importance of a seat belt comes in. Occupants who buckle up suffer less injuries as compared to those victims who do not wear a seat belt.

Let’s find out what kinds of injuries are caused by a head-on collision. We’ve listed four below.

1. Whiplash

Though more commonly seen in rear-end collisions, whiplash can be caused by a frontal crash too. Whiplash occurs when your neck gets violently jerked and thrown forward and backward due to a collision. This sudden force can injure the muscles and ligaments in the neck.

Some of the most obvious symptoms of a whiplash, include pain in neck, upper back, and shoulders; headaches; tingling and numbness in arms; nausea and dizziness; blurred vision; weakness. Keep a watch out for these symptoms and the moment you notice them, schedule an appointment with a car accident chiropractor near you.

2. Traumatic Brain Injury

Just like your neck gets violently jerked during a head-on collision, the head too is thrown forward and backward with force. Since the skull houses the brain, the force from a frontal crash causes the brain to hit the skull and get bruised. In severe cases of collision this can lead to bleeding, torn tissues, and in some cases long-term complications or even death.

3. Spinal Column Injuries

The spinal column bears a major share of the impact during a frontal crash. The accident can cause the spinal cord or nerves to be severed or the intervertebral discs to shift from their original position thus leading to a condition called herniated disc.

The force of the crash can also lead to fractures of the spinal vertebrae. Severe injuries to the spine can also lead to paralysis. Never treat spinal injuries as not very serious. The many nerves present in the spine communicate with your brain. When they get injured or pinched, the communication gets affected and you may face difficulty in carrying out your daily activities.

4. Blunt Force Trauma Injury

The safety gear present in your car saves your life during a collision, but sometimes the gadgets can also cause some injuries. Like, for instance, when an airbag deploys the impact can cause blunt force trauma injury. In such an injury it is the chest and the upper parts of the body that feel the impact. Similarly, the seat belt that you are wearing can cause injury to your chest area from the restraint.

Blunt force trauma usually causes internal injuries that are not visible to the victim and this leads to many people not seeking medical attention after a car accident. They feel the pain and soreness will disappear on its own. This could not be further from the truth. Not visiting an accident doctor after a head-on collision can turn life threatening very quickly.


Let Holistic Chiropractic Care Heal You

While any type of car accident is devastating and causes physical, mental, and financial distress, head-on collisions can leave victims with life-altering pain and astronomical medical expenses. As per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, head-on collisions have a 57% fatality rate.

Frontal crash injuries should never be taken lightly. You should seek immediate appointment from a car accident chiropractor and get your injuries evaluated. Chiropractors specialize in accident-related trauma and are experts at diagnosing internal and hidden injuries.


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