4 Examples of Successful Experiential Marketing

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Experiential marketing zooms in on giving the “experience” to the would-be consumers or clients of the brand. With the many competitors in whatever field your company is in, it is essential to be on everybody’s top of mind.

Here are a few examples of brands that have topped the advertising arena and brand recall because of their experiential marketing strategies.

1. KitKat

Have a break, have a KitKat. If you are unfamiliar with this tagline, then maybe you have been living under a rock in Pluto. This famous one-liner from KitKat has been so brilliant that as an experiential marketing strategy in Amsterdam, they have created a No Wi-Fi Zone area. A No Wi-Fi Zone where people can take a break, sit back, and communicate with each other, just like the good old days.

2. VICE + Delta Launchpad Events

The partnership has proven to be another key to the success of experiential marketing. Experiential marketing NYC has proven that partnerships can be significant in giving that brand experience with your target audience. VICE and Delta Launchpad Events teamed up to produce a series of entrepreneurial events on food, music, and film, which was a big success without the huge expenses.

3. Google

Corporate responsibility is a good way for companies to give back to the community they belong to. When Google jumped the bandwagon of giving to charitable institutions, they had the “Building a Better Bay Area” Campaign wherein the people of the Bay Area did not just exercise their right to vote, but they also voted for a cause. These citizens were given a chance to vote, which organization would benefit from the $5.5M.

4. Nestle

Natural Bliss coffee creamer, a product of Nestle, boasts that “Natural has never tasted so good.” No artificial ingredients, this product is purely made of natural ingredients and flavor. Hence, the brilliant minds behind the creative team of this product set up a pop-up coffee shop with none other than baristas who were au naturel and were just splattered in body paint. Shocking, but effective marketing as this product did really get the attention.

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