4 Effective Tips to Help You Collect Payments From Late-Paying Patients

Does your urgent care center have unpaid bills? Are you having difficulties collecting dues from late-paying patients?

At GMB we understand collecting past payments is not a pleasant or simple task. Also, urgent care billing and payment processes can be quite complex and filled with plenty of miscommunication.

It’s not just hard work for your billing staff but also financially draining for urgent care facilities to not receive payment for their services on time. And no matter how difficult or painful the process, you also do not want to lose your patients or your reputation.

To face this challenge we as an urgent care billing company can help you make the past payments collection process easy and comfortable for you and your patients. Here are 4 steps that you can adopt to claim unpaid balances from late-paying customers.

  1. Have A Trained Front Office Staff

The moment a patient walks in to your urgent care center the first person they come in contact with is the front office staff. When patients check in, your front desk staff verify their details and insurance information. This is the apt time for your staff to check for any balances that have remained unpaid. If there is some unpaid balance the patient should be asked to clear it. In such a situation having an experienced front desk resource helps. They are trained in handling such cases and can quite comfortably convince a patient to pay up.

  1. If Necessary Send The Bill To Collections

Sometimes it is just better to give up rather than waste time chasing a delinquent patient account. When you chase a patient for too long it costs your urgent care center valuable time and money. To not lose precious time, money, and reputation, for each patient decide the amount of time you will spend to pursue them, and beyond that timeframe you will need to give up. We are in no way suggesting you should give up too soon, but understand that the cost of pursuing a patient’s case far outweighs the revenue.

  1. Let Your Patients Understand The Consequences

Convincing patients to make past payments is not easy, but when patients refuse to pay, they have to be made aware of the consequences they face. They will have to be told that if they do not pay their dues the urgent care center has the right to dismiss them from their office. Once you’ve made the consequences clear to the patients, do not back down. It is important to follow through and stick to what you’ve said to them. Or else the patients will not take you seriously and will continue to show up without paying their bills.

  1. Take The Help Of An Urgent Care Billing Services Provider To Handle Your Work

When you outsource your billing work to a company that specializes in billing and collections, you stand a better chance at minimizing claim denials and in the process also increase your revenue. Urgent care billing companies have billing experts who manage your billing and claims work, while your staff is able to focus on other work that requires their undivided attention.

Let our billing experts at GMB help share your burden. To find out more about outsourcing urgent care billing you can call at 786-725-2120; 655-469-1422 to know about our services. Our urgent care medical billing specialists can help you with customized solutions that meet your specific billing needs.


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