3 Points To Consider When Choosing a Medical Billing Company

Looking to outsource your billing services but not sure which urgent care medical billing company to work with? Deciding which to go ahead with is more than merely comparing rates and costs. There’s an entire gamut of components that need to be taken care of.

You don’t just need a vendor who will provide the billing services, but instead you are looking for a partner who will be a key element in the success of your business. To make your journey of selecting the best medical billing company a bit easy, we’ve listed 3 steps you can follow to pick the company that suits you best.

  1. Check Proficiency

Why is it essential to gauge the proficiency and reliability of the company that will be helping you with your medical billing?

It’s because if you do not focus on proficiency and reliability before you select the company, you may end up hiring the services of someone whose working pattern does not suit the needs of your specialty. To ensure you hire the best, consider asking the billing company you want to partner with the following questions:

  • Total years of billing experience in your specialty?
  • Are the staff trained in your specialty?
  • How many billers will handle the account?
  • What do the testimonials say?

So, here’s why you need to look at how proficient the company is in your specialty. Any errors in billing and coding, either due to lack of experience or because the staff is not trained enough, can lead to denied claims. This causes revenue losses and can also hurt the reputation of your urgent care facility.

Ensure you are working with experts and who understand your requirements. Anything less can lead to adverse effects on your medical facility and also upset the patients who have been visiting your clinic over the years.

2. Check Knowledge Of Staff And Compliance Rules Followed

Before you zero in on the medical billing company who will handle all the billing and coding needs, check if the team is adept at using the latest version of International Classification of Disease (ICD) code. Even a slight miss can result in errors and lead to financial losses.

Also, a team that is not up to date on ICD codes can affect the revenue stream of your urgent care facility. Accurately coded medical bills will save your facility time and money.

Check with the company to see if they follow all medical billing compliance rules. This is a strict requirement for all healthcare practices and non-negotiable if they want to remain in business. Ask the billing company to provide a list of the compliance procedures they follow and how they ensure that each of their employees follows it.

3. Check Software Compatibility

Whether it’s the software your urgent care facility is using or the platform the medical billing company is using, both have to be compatible. If not, then the staff will require training, which means spending extra money and time on resources.

Before signing on the dotted line, find out if software training by the billing company is a part of the contract. And if it is, find out whether it’s free or paid. Having an idea about these things helps you prepare your facility as well as your staff before signing the contract. These are essential so the workflow of your clinic can be optimized and unnecessary inconsistencies prevented.

Your Trusted Partner — GMB

At GMB we are not only adept at handling high patient volumes but are also experienced at providing exceptional medical billing services that are compliant and top notch.

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