3 Experiences You Can Only Have Overnight on the Ocean

3 Experiences You Can Only Have Overnight on the Ocean

The open sea is a wondrous new world that humanity has only scratched the surface of — massive, powerful and teeming with aquatic life, the ocean often draws people in with its intrigue and natural beauty. As mammals, mankind is unable to explore the unending depths of the ocean without specialized equipment, one of the most popular choices being boats. It’s easy to be a part of some of the ocean’s rarest experiences by boat, especially on an overnight sailing excursion. If you’ve been looking to try something unforgettable, here are three incredible experiences you can only have by moonlit sea.

Unparalleled Stargazing

Looking up at the stars has been a pastime for generations, but you haven’t truly taken in the night sky if you haven’t done so against the waves. At sea, the sky is largely untouched by light pollution, making countless more stars, planets and space phenomena visible at night. When the waters are still, you’ll find yourself surrounded by stars on all sides, as the calm waters act as a sort of mirror for everything you see above you. The photo opportunities are unprecedented, and you’re likely to find plenty of constellations you may never have seen before in person.

Nocturnal Sea Life Watching

Whale watching, dolphin spotting and shark sighting by day is one thing; seeing the ocean’s night life is entirely different. There are numerous species of fish, crustacean and other aquatic animals that only come out after sunset, and bioluminescent (or naturally glowing) sea life is only visible in the dark. You may get to see nocturnal predators like the Humboldt squid surfacing to feed on lantern fish, or the milky silhouette of seals leaping and swimming through the waves against the moon. Remember: when viewing aquatic life during any part of the day, be mindful and enjoy nature’s work from a safe and non-interfering distance.

Meditating by Moonlit Waves

Studies have continuously shown that meditating is great for the body and mind, and there is truly nothing like finding yourself against the dark of the ocean’s depths. Simply sitting out by the water and closing your eyes to experience the ocean’s song is enough to fill the soul with peace, but yoga and prayer may be especially meaningful in this serene natural setting. If you have the space, try doing a few poses against the backdrop of the waves — the connection you find with the sea is one you will never forget.

The ocean is full of life and meaning, and researchers find information about the world’s largest bodies of water every day. Taking part in an overnight voyage gives way for some of the most enjoyable experiences one can find; consider venturing onto the open waves to connect with the earth in a whole new way. If you choose to go on an overnight excursion, remember to bring enough supplies to last through the night as well as first aid, emergency flotation devices and means of contacting responders for help. If possible, bring a guide to help you navigate the ocean and reach land safely in the morning.

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