3 Essential Types of Power Tools

3 Essential Types of Power Tools

According to three different factors, there are three different types of power tools:

  • Power source
  • Technical specifications
  • Portability


  • Power tools categorized by power source:-


  • Electric power tools:-

These tools, as the name implies, use electricity to power their engines. Because of their versatility, ease of access, and low prices, they account for approximately 85% of all power tool manufacturing. They are also a popular choice among homeowners because, unlike gasoline-powered tools, they can be used safely inside.

Electric tools are classified into two types:

-Corded devices are those that are plugged directly into an outlet.

-Cordless, using a previously charged battery.


  • Fuel-powered equipment:-

Fuel tools work with combustion engines that are powered by liquid fuel, most commonly gasoline or gasoline oil. They typically provide more power than their electric counterparts at the expense of greater weight and a higher maintenance budget. That is why this type of tool is more common in the industrial field.


  1. Power Tools based on technical specification:- 


  • Household

Household-grade power tools are designed for homeowners who like to do their own work around the house. They are less expensive at the expense of power and longevity.


  • Industrial

This is the toughest and most serious equipment, also known as heavy-duty power tools (though this is somewhat subjective). They are designed specifically for high performance over long periods of time on a daily basis. This type of equipment typically comes with longer warranties and special features that improve overall performance.

  • Power Tools based on portability:-


  • Stationary

Stationary power tools can be large machines that are difficult to move or machines that must be securely fastened to a stationary object, such as the floor or a wall, in order to function properly. Precision, power, and smoothness are usually advantages of this type of tool.


  • Portable

Portable power tool, on the other hand, can be easily transported from one location to another and are usually light enough to be used while being held in a person’s hands. This type of tools is currently dominating the market.

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