10 Ways Towards A Healthier Lifestyle For HIP HOP Heads


With each passing year, the Hip Hop community seems to be getting more and more aware of a wide range of health concerns and the need to do something about them. Issues regarding diabetes, overall physical health and exercise, mental and emotional health, eating right, health in relationships and even alternative means of healing are becoming more pronounced as Hip Hop becomes a game not necessarily relegated to the youthful anymore. 50 Cent is probably the most well-known figure to promote a healthy lifestyle in mainstream Hip Hop, but other emcees such as 2 Chainz, who recently came out with a cookbook promoting a healthy diet, and Stic. Man of Dead Prez with his RBG Fit Club, along with others, are taking an approach to healthy living that Hip Hop fans are starting to take note of.

Even on popular Hip Hop website, a recent editorial featured a discussion with artists including 50 Cent, Stic.Man, Immortal Technique, Saigon and Chino XL talking more about their habits for a healthier lifestyle. And the likes of Prodigy of Mobb Deep, known for his battles with Sickle Cell Anemia, and Styles P of the Lox, an avid juicer, and Russell Simmons, a big time yoga and meditation enthusiast, are each doing all they can to make Hip Hop more health and wellness conscious. So what are some things that Hip Hop heads can do to live a healthier lifestyle? Here are a few simple tips that can set Hip Hop fans on the right course

ATTEND LOCAL HEALTH FAIRS – Urban communities always have some kind of health fair going on locally where people can get great information to help them with some of their most pressing health concerns. And the best part is that many times, they are totally free!

GET OUTSIDE – Whether it’s walking, jogging, or just getting out to get some fresh air, communing with nature is always a powerful way towards a healthier you.

DO RESEARCH ON WORKOUT PLANS – As many books, YouTube videos, and even styles of working out that there are (Crossfit, Weightlifting, Yoga, P90X, Insanity), there are no excuses for not building a better body, so get on it!

OPEN UP – Though physical health is important, emotional and psychological health are probably even more so. Case in point? See our article on Mental Health in Hip Hop from earlier this year. Sometimes, it’s just good to talk about what’s on your heart and mind.

MEDITATE – It’s not just for yogis or hippies. Meditation of any kind can help to clear your mind of stress, open up your airways, and allows you to have that all-important “me” time.

SELF-EDUCATE – Books about health and wellness will never go out of style. A good starting point is “The Hood Health Handbook” Volumes 1 and 2, available online.

TRAVEL – Going someplace different that you might not think to frequent can give new perspectives and new thoughts on life in general. Plus, meeting interesting new people is always a plus!

FIND NEW PLACES TO EAT – Seek out different places to eat out, grocery shop and get healthy snacks. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box in terms of your eating habits and to make changes that will help you live a longer life.

MAKE HOME THE GYM – We all know gym memberships can get hella expensive. But there could very well be tools that you have in your home that you can use for working out and feeling better!

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE – Your body needs it on a daily basis. Start out by replacing that coffee or soda with a glass of water and continue to gradually increase your intake. It can work wonders!

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