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10 Key Points to Consider when Hiring a Real Estate Agent

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Everyone dreams of owning a home, but the process of getting the right location for your home can be stressful. Those looking to buy business property need to be careful with where they buy since it’s a success factor. Buyers and sellers don’t have adequate knowledge to help them.

First-time homeowners lack the expertise, therefore hiring a real estate agent could save them the hustle. There are good and bad agents in any market, and choosing the right one can be challenging. In this blog post, we look at critical points for hiring a real estate agent:

1. Their experience

Experience is knowledge of how things get done. The real estate you hire needs knowledge on how to deal with buyers and sellers. A real estate agent with experience has worked with different buyers and sellers. The process of buying and selling comes with its complications. As a client, you have to ensure your investments are in the right hands. Ask the agent you want to hire their years of experience.

Their license will answer any doubts you might have, therefore ask them how long they have had it and then determine their years of experience. An experienced realtor will give you the best deals since they know all the secrets in the market. Being in the market for a long time means they have connected with people in different areas. You will get a house in the location you need, and if selling, that will get done as soon as possible.

2. Marketing strategies

With digitization, most business owners have resorted to using the internet to get customers since before deciding on what to buy, clients research. A good realtor needs to know the right platforms to use to get their clients the best property. Digital marketing has become popular in the last few years. Therefore, ensure the agent you hire uses all the available social media platforms to get you your dream home.

If you are selling, ensure you consult with them to know how your property will be listed. Ensure whatever the agent puts up can get shared by others. Therefore, a realtor with social media accounts guarantees your property better chances of being bought within the shortest time possible.

3. Their network of people

The real estate agent you intend on hiring should know several people in the industry like contractors, mortgage brokers, moving companies, inspectors, and appraisers. They should also know several real estate agents. With this network, an agent can connect you with these people in the market to provide you with any services you may need.

4. Attention to detail

A great agent is one who listens. Listening before talking means, they are paying attention to your needs before giving you the solution. Since the whole process of buying and selling is complicated, you need an agent who will solve any problems you may encounter on the way. You don’t need to work with an agent who bails out when things go wrong. Work with one who will stick with you till the end and solve problems. You will find out you trust them with real estate investing with their problem-solving mind-set.

5. Great communication skills

For any industry, communication is a skill everyone should have. A real estate agent with excellent communication skills gives you a response on time. With the invention of smartphones, things are more accessible since many platforms can be used to communicate. Take the initiative to contact 3 top agents and take note of how long they take to respond.

The time they take will help you determine the time they will take to contact you once you hire them. Don’t settle for less; take time to do your research. With good communication skills, the agent will be open about what’s going on with your property if you are selling and how close he is to get your dream home if you are buying.

6. Negotiation skills

The process of buying and selling property needs someone with excellent negotiation skills. If you want to save as a buyer, hire someone who can negotiate for you. You will be surprised by the amount you get to keep with such skills on your side. Real estate agents should know the amount to offer the seller.

Confidence is needed for the negotiation to be successful. If the seller notices the realtor isn’t confident, he might not be convinced to lower the price. Therefore a real estate agent’s negotiation skills determine how much you save or spend on a house.

7. Availability

Most real estate agents have a busy schedule. Ensure you enquire about the number of clients they attend to for you to determine their availability. You don’t want to work with one who doesn’t give your property the attention it deserves. They should be able to fit your schedule. But it doesn’t mean that you should contact them during odd hours. They have a life outside of work. As a client, if you can’t get to the realtor during the day, consider hiring one who is available.

8. Location

Depending on where your property is and where you want to buy, it’s crucial to work with an agent in the locality. A local real estate agent knows the area compared to one from another county. For example, Scottsdale homes for sale (located in Maricopa County, Arizona) are much different than homes located in the higher altitude of Coconino County. If you are a buyer, working with such an agent ensures you know where the home is located and its condition.

A local agent knows the property being sold. Therefore they will give you full details. They will also provide you with information on the environment around the property. Since they communicate with other agents, you are likely to get a property within a short time. They alert you whenever a new property is listed.

9. Honesty

Honesty is a trait the real estate agent you want to hire must-have. Since real estate investing is not easy, you need an honest agent to help you navigate. A first-timer might have a hard time; therefore, an agent who is straightforward with information should be at the top of the list.

An honest real estate agent presents things as they are; they don’t lie to make you happy. To get an honest one, research and ask around from family and friends who have hired real estate agents before.

10. Their priority

If you ask any agent, they will tell you customers are their priority, but do they mean it? They know how to handle their client’s needs and prioritize them. Hire an agent who is interested in your well-being but one who doesn’t decide on your behalf. Therefore, the agent you hire should inform you of changes, the good and the bad of the property you want to buy.

The agent should be open about what they think of the property. With this information, you should make the right decision. Do not work with an agent interested in getting the work done by closing the deal without giving you details. It shows their priority lies in getting paid.

Final Thoughts

No matter the years of experience you have in the market, you need to work with a real estate agent. They save you the time you would spend on looking for the perfect home. Research and take your time before deciding on the agent you want to hire. The tips above apply to both buyers and sellers.

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