10 Facts You Might Not Know About LL Cool J

LL Cool J is an American music staple.  With several acclaimed records under his belt and fairly impressive acting career, here are some things you still might not know about James Todd Smith.

1. LL Cool J is short for Ladies Love Cool James.

Which is, of course, in reference to his given name James Todd Smith.

2. He owns his own website.

Boomdizzle is a record label and social networking site designed specifically to appeal to aspiring artists.  LL Cool J founded and launched the site in 2008.

3. He once owned part of Def Jam Records.

Unfortunately, LL Cool J sold his ownership shortly before the company really began to boom.

3. He was a paperboy once.

His career in the paper delivery industry didn’t last very long after he quit when a man stole one of his papers from him.

4. He has a pet bearded dragon.

The pet initially belonged to LL Cool J’s daughter, until he fell in love with the pet and claimed it as his own.

5. He is fluent in Spanish and speaks a little Arabic.

6. He has written four books.

The first, I Make My Own Rules, was published in 1998.  His three subsequent books are entitled And The Winner is…, The Platinum Workout, and LL Cool J (Hip Hop Stars).

7. His is a regular on NCIS: Los Angeles.

LL Cool J plays Special Agent Sam Hanna in the NCIS spin-off.

8. He is usually seen wearing a hat. 

He credits the beginning of this habit to a time when he was physically and verbally abused during childhood.

9. He has been with Def Jam Records longer than any other artist.

Though he no longer has ownership in the company, he has been with the record label since it’s beginning in 1985 until present day.

10. He wrote and performed the first rap love song.

The song was called “I Need Love” and was written in 1985.

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