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Your Bullsh** Musical Elitism Is Killing Music

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People are always bitching about how music “isn’t as good as it used to be” or that “rock is dying.” But you know what is at the forefront of that? The widespread bullshit musical elitism.

So called music lovers are the ones actually killing music.

Why? Because in order to get major points towards whatever identity you’re trying to craft, you have to hate. How fucked up is that? In some circles, people will give you more credit for the bands you hate than for the bands you love. You can say “I fucking hate Nickleback! They’re ruining music!” and you’ll get high fives and cheers all around. You might even start a passionate discussion about the downfall of all music as we know it. Say “I fucking love Muse,” and people will casually respond being like “Yeah, Muse is pretty good.” But you won’t get nearly the same amount of reaction by being positive.

We get off on being narrow minded. Some people whittle away their musical palette until they only like a specific genre of music. And that music is THE ONLY WAY AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT YOU ARE A PHILISTINE. But their musical taste isn’t “superior,” it’s just smaller. They simply like less music. How have we crafted that into a “good thing?” Why can’t we enjoy both commercial and niche music?

Why can’t we enjoy both popular and obscure music? Why is it one or the other? Why is it that if you like genre-x you have to hate genre-y?

Not all music is created for the same reason, so listening to all music the same way makes no sense. Take pop music, for example. Pop music isn’t supposed to be deep. It isn’t supposed to be complicated. “It’s shitty shallow, commercial music and ruining music blablablablabla” WELL NO SHIT ITS COMMERICIAL. It’s fun, catchy, feel good music to dance around like an idiot. WHY ARE YOU HATING ON ITS MAIN MUSICAL CHARACTERISTICS? If you don’t like it, fine. It’s not your thing. But to actively exert energy to despise and hate on it with your friends and the internet MAKES NO SENSE. It’s entirely unproductive and helps no one.

The more we hate, the more fragmented we become. How is music supposed to thrive when all we do is hate within a million different sub-groups? It’s ok, you can like death metal AND pop. You can like dub AND brostep. You can like free jazz AND hair metal. You can like baroque AND atonal pieces. Music is not mutually exclusive from other music. ITS ALL MUSIC. The more music you like, the more music you’ll share with your friends, the more music you’ll sing in the street, the more chances you’ll have to get inspired.

As a musician, it’s actually INTEGRAL that you listen to a lot of music. If you want to create unique sound that no one has ever really heard, how are you going to do that when you listen to the same similar sounding indie folk bands on repeat? In my opinion, one of the downfalls of the young musician is that they do not listen to enough music.
My main point of this convoluted stream-of-consciousness mess is this: As music is enjoyed more, music will thrive more.

So please step out of your bubble and go listen to something you wouldn’t normally listen to, and find something good to say about it. There’s a reason people listen to it, find out what it is and try and understand it. Then share that music with someone else. There is sooooo much music you haven’t listened to yet. So go listen to some :)

Music is dying because we get off on being narrow minded and pretentious. Step out of your musical bubble, stop trashing music and start exploring different genres than you normally wouldn’t.

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  • http://twitter.com/RonGreezy Ronald A. Grant

    Well said, brotha. Well said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ctaylorhunt Cecelia Taylor-Hunt

    Thank you! at least someone gets it. Well said!!! :)