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Words Mobile releases Music Hero for Android

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In my short time at Sosoactive, I’ve basically covered every decent Android game with a music theme and most are in the vein of Guitar Hero. Well you can now add another to the list with the newly released Music Hero by Words Mobile.

The name is a little misleading as Music Hero isn’t going to have you head out on a quest to save a princess or make you an actual hero, but it will give your fingers a nice workout as you try to tap in time with the beat. The gameplay is simple; if you’ve played Guitar Hero, Rock Band or any mobile knock off of those two games you’ll know exactly what to do. By now you may be wondering why we’re even bothering with another one of “these” games… well, this one actually works almost flawlessly and it’s got some slick animations to boot. The biggest reason I dig this app is the ability to use your own songs and how well it works compared to others with the same feature. Out of the 10 songs I tried from my phone I rarely noticed a miss and the app was spot-on with any genre I threw at it.



From what I’ve seen so far Music Hero for Android is a great new game, and one to pay attention to. As mentioned, it worked well with everything I threw at it, and the graphics are easy on the eyes as well. If you’re looking for a good music based game or just a good game period you’ll definitely want to give Music Hero a go. You can pick up Words Mobile’s Music Hero for free on Google Play.

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