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The Williams Sisters Take on the Big Screen

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Venus and Serena Williams have dominated the world of tennis for over a decade.  The world of tennis wasn’t considered a place for an African-American girl, yet alone two.  The Williams sisters defied all odds and became two of the biggest names in tennis.

Released on iTunes earlier this month and scheduled to hit the theaters on May 10th, Venus and Serena is a documentary that tells the story of how the Williams sisters became the athletic superstars they are today.  For anyone familiar with their story of success, the film won’t be very revealing.  It will, however, offer a close and intimate look into the lives of the sisters.  It gives the legendary, 20 major title winning siblings a human face.  In the documentary, they do more than tell the story of how they rose in the world of tennis.  They discuss marriage, goof off in their Miami home, and sing karaoke – apparently an excellent of example of why they went into sports rather than music.

What appears to be a major portion of the film are the sister’s health problems they encountered in 2011.  Serena suffered from a pulmonary embolism and underwent surgery.  The film follows her progress post-surgery and the challenges that she encountered.  At the same time, Venus was also diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome and was forced to drop out of the second round of the US Open.  The film documents the two overcoming their health problems, as well as the controversy that followed their success.

 Venus and Serena will premiere in select cinemas on May 10th.

Mackenzie is an Alabama native attending NYU and studying Journalism and Dramatic Literature. She hopes to one day live in London and write for the BBC.