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Will there ever be another MySpace?

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I am a self-proclaimed graduate from MySpace University. Thanks Tom. Since the demise of MySpace the music industry has been searching for a central place to house its music. MySpace at one time was the “go to” social music platform, but now we are in a “scattered state.” Every day I get at least ten emails from record labels promoting their new project with at least 5 links to each of its social networks.  In my opinion this is complete overkill because I personally don’t have time to check out every page you have on the net.

This makes me wonder will there ever be another MySpace? Will there ever be a dominant player in the social music business were artist both independent and major labels can house their music or is the artist profile a thing of the past. When I originally started SoSoActive.com it was gonna be my version MySpace. My goal was to create a music only social network were artist could share their music and connect with their fans. Due to the budget restraints and other issues I decided to talk about the problem instead of creating a solution.

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