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Why Musicians Should Spend More Time on YouTube

Like it or not, musicians are spending more and more times promoting their music through online channels. With so many options like Twitter, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, and Facebook available – there is one that outshines all competitors.

With YouTube being the #2 search engine and the only social network that has consistently broken new artists, the only other site an artist should spend more time on is their personal website.

YouTube helped launch the careers of our “Prince of Pop” Justin Bieber and turned sixteen year old Souljah Boy into an overnight celebrity. There are countless others like Dondria, Cody Simpson and Azealia Banks who landed record deals and built cult followings through leveraging the power of viral videos.

Lets be honest if you are not famous Twitter isn’t exactly where you should spend the majority of your time and Facebook takes a lot of time and effort – however it is worth it in the long run.

But, in terms of doing something inexpensive, fun and viral – nothing tops YouTube.

With that being said, 700 YouTube Videos are shared on Twitter every minute and Facebook users watch about 500 years of YouTube Video everyday! Have fun, be creative a feed that baby a new video at least once a week.

Last year YouTube had more than one Trillion views and over 3 billion hours of videos are watched each month. And, whats cool about it is even if your music sucks somebody will still like it. Have Fun, Be Creative and Feed that Baby at least once a week.