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Why Is Everybody Mad At Spotify?

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So this past weekend, it was revealed that the Founder of Spotify Daniel Ek was worth an “estimated” 308 million dollars. I read a few blogs and saw the comments from people stating how bad Spotify was for the music industry and how it was “jacking” artists for millions of dollars in revenue.

Since Spotify launched in the U.S. millions of people have joined and thousands of bands, bloggers and music industry people have complained about their injustice.

Lets keep in mind if the record labels didn’t grant Spotify the licenses to the music, their would be nothing to complain about.

Is it not the music industry’s fault for not being proactive in the late 90’s when the digital age was coming into place?

Why didn’t Universal Records or EMI make the iPod instead of Apple?

Barnes and Noble created the Nook and Borders went Bankrupt

Let’s keep in mind, that artists have been getting the short end of the stick since the beginning of time.

So somebody please tell me what’s new?

How much does an artist make off of a ringtone sales and digital downloads.

How much does the average artist on a “major” record label make off of a $.99 download?

Somebody tell me?

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